9 key steps to improve your personality

9 key steps to improve your personality

Nine key steps to improving your personality

The personality is a combination of different traits, in the result of this typical combination, we found a pattern of thinking, feeling and behaviour that differentiates with each other. In other words, we say that the display of person which others observe and perceive.

In the view of a normal person, there are two types of personality, one is a good personality and other is a bad personality. Good personality represent as a person with this type are likeable, interesting and pleasant to be with and bad personality represents as a person with the opposite characteristic. So, I think all of us want a good personality type.

Approximately 90 percent of your success, satisfaction and happiness will be a result of good personality type (how well interact with others person and situations). Now the question arises that personality is permanent or change with learning?

I personally long time believed that it is permanent. The main reason behind this belief was famous Harvard psychologist William James, who wrote “the principles of Psychology”, in which said that personality based on early adulthood.

I study a lot about and finally got my answer. Researches show that personality is a combination of traits so now we change specific traits and characteristics.

Now the next question how to improve personality? So ready to improve your personality because I select nine basic steps to improve your personality.

Live with positive words/thinking

Use positive words for any condition. These positive words change your thinking in positive strength.

Train your brain in different conditions

With positive words and thinking train your brain in the different condition such as anger, sorrow etc

Always ready to learn

An environment full of teaching so be ready to learn don’t waste any movement because the experience plays a vital role.

Flexible in the special condition

Open-minded to accept other views and respect others in gathering.

Anger Management

Anger lead to the bad type of personality so make a plan to manage your anger.

Ask suggested questions

If you have any query then ask the question in a suggested or open-ended format.

Help others without expectation

Expectation always hurt so help others with goodwill and never expect anything to anyone.

Make a plan for life

Set goal for your life and make a plan for your goals. If you make a plan on daily bases than it is best practice.

Be yourself

Most of the time we think what others say if I can do this. You need to focus on your interest. Value yourself and enjoy life.


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