Wundt and the Founding of Psychology

Wundt and the Founding of Psychology

This is a lecture for my PSYC 487 Capstone: History & Systems course at Boise State University.


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  • não tem ela dublada ou legendada não ?

  • Thanks, it was really helpful 😀

  • Struktualism

  • thanks mr eric landrum!

  • Great video, thanks!

  • yea math and shit

  • thanks man u saved my ass

    thanks to youtube i became and expert on psychology in 3 days 🙂

  • I have my first psych exam in three days. Thanks for this lecture, wish me luck. 🙂

  • Thanks a lot for sharing this

  • Wait! Williams Jame was the first 1875 at Oxford. O.o

  • Thanks for the post. useing notes for reffrence. 😀

  • Wundt used apperception as an example to gather vital clues on the security, the feeling and the deep perceiving of focusing the past experiences which later defines as a brand new experience. As that's never been gazed upon the individual before but of course the new ideas at anyone is always a development waiting to be a common denominator in everyday life.

    You have to learn to use the aspects alot of the time when underpinning certain things going out of the ordinary. It's how we use presentations of another field.

  • Very interesting

  • Thank you very much on the study and insight of Wilhelm Wundt. Just going back to college,And your mini showing will help me greatly . Thank you.

  • Anyone read "The Leipzig Connection"?

  • Oh these German names lol. I love the lecture, thanks.

  • Great video! I'm an MSW studying for my licensure and this was helpful and entertaining.

  • Thank you really much! Studying for my exams 🙂 and these helps greatly!

  • how can I cite this on my paper?

  • Great video!

  • Wilhelm Wundt was a sick individual. A philosopher who steadfastly believed human beings were only the sum of their own experiences. He believed they were something that needed to be pushed because they had no ambition of their own without reward. He believed the methods used to train animals far exceeded the success of teaching of academics. He believed humans learned more rapidly using punishment/reward system. He would have had a great admirer in Hitler.

  • helped me, thanks! 🙂

  • I thought psychology was a segment of physiology up until 1879 when Wundt set up the first experimental lab dedicated to psychology

  • Thank You for your help.

  • Hello Eric! This is Jennifer Harris. We went to SIU together. You were the head teaching assistant my first year at SIU in 1987-88. You taught me the phrase, "aint no thang, but a chicken wang." I am using your video in my Introduction to Psychology. Thank you so much.

  • What is it about American speakers, that gives them such sloppy enunciation? Sloppy and awkward sentence construction? Studdering, and stopping, and poor syntax?

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