WKUK – Reverse Psychology

WKUK – Reverse Psychology

From Season 2 Episode 5



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  • Whatever you do dont suck my d*ck

  • 599,669 views lol.

  • Better we will blow him to Trevor!! too much??

  • guys we should fucking suck his dick
    fuck you timmy

  • Tell that to Southerners in USA.

  • Nobody search for my IP come to home that it's on lark street 3143b and suck on my dick. I would hate it so much if you guys try that.

  • I LOOOVE how Zach says "Aw FUCK!" ūüėÄ
    Such sudden power and conviction. Me gusta.

  • Nice try.

  • it would be.timmy

  • ok, sure! ill dislike it and flag it for spam JUST FOR YOU!

  • He must have watched that video that turns you gay.

  • What is that supposed to mean Quilliam?

  • I mean Southerners think that guns make them gods. And don't say that's a false stereotype. I live in West Virginia. I know how true it is.

  • Especially if that gun is a NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIL GUUUUN!

  • What a Tryhard

  • Then stay happy.

  • "It's Sam"
    "FUCK!" – best moment

  • And that's how Equestria was made.

  • That ending! They both just like face palm, its so funny!

  • LOL didnt see that ending

  • I fucking love Sam. I would totally suck his dick.

  • XD

  • hahaha ohh timmy. so thats why you starr as female characters xD

  • its funny how this sketch is about sam but the whole time I can't figure out why darren is giving timmy a massage lol

  • tap 5 repeatedly¬†

  • I tried this at thanksgiving. Didn't turn out so well.

  • time to quit
    home bees one hundred
    drug bugs zip

  • No body like my comment, I would be so pissed if people liked my comment.

  • worked only with timmy

  • Guys, don't press 4 to suck my dick.

  • I'd be the one that does it.

  • wow this sucks

  • So we all agree that Timmy wrote this sketch as an excuse to suck Sam's dick later, right?

  • League of dads ripped me off $250 and I got no legal service at all. the only thing that 250 got me was a two minute conversation while he was going through a Wendy's Drive thru ordering in a Baconator. that's it.

  • I wanna know more about radishes.

  • don't you guys plan anything

  • Good idea, but executed on par. The punchline was kinda meh.

  • Trevor's face from 0:00 to 0:08 is me..all the time..legit my spirit animal right there.

  • I get it, cause the opposite of what he's saying is what he wants so it's really a positive, just like his test results for aids.

  • Why is one guy massaging the other? Are they gay or what?

  • They write good porn.

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