as promised, I’m going to pick up on the psych videos and have a bunch already planned! leave requests below regarding this topic 🙂

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  • When I got my options back last year, I got IT and health but my friend had psychology so I decided to swap with her… Now, I don't regret that decision at all! 🙂
    I chose it because it's really… interesting… Right now we're learning about attachments and this might be the most 'interesting' one so far! I've already talked to my friends about the different attachment types because it fit in with whatever we were talking about, and that's a go-go for me…
    Also recently I was doubting whether I actually enjoyed a subject because I have a genuine hate for all subjects but yesterday it hit me that Psychology is probably my most favourite one! I've been considering doing A-Level Psychology but honestly, even that I'm not too sure about… Because I haven't heard of a career that pleases me yet either. But I'm still 14 so… I have tiiiime!

  • Can you become a clinical psychologist with a BA (bachelor of arts) in psychology ?

  • Can you become a clinical psychologist with a BA (bachelor of arts) in psychology ?

  • Great talk 👏👏👏👏👏

  • i'm 13 (well 14 in like 2 hours lol) and i'm really interested in psychology. i read so many big books about it and theories from psychologists and i fucking love it. i want to study it so badly, and for long too. i want to know more about it but i don't really know how to. so i'm watching your videos now ayy

  • I would like to expand on the "don't diagnose yourself or others" comment- the reason why is because a lot of disorders also have characteristics or "symptoms" that are totally normal for people who don't have any mental health issues. they can even have multiple characteristics that are considered normal for others. the reason WHY a disorder is considered as such is when an individual has a certain number of and combination of certain otherwise "normal" characteristics that affect them in a negative way. for example (and maybe not the best example) some of the symptoms of people who are bipolar COULD be fatigue and anxiety. However, just because you are fatigued and have been feeling anxious does not necessarily mean that you are bipolar. these could be perfectly normal reactions to events that are going on in your life, or could be something else. it would be dangerous for you to assume that you have a personality disorder like this just because of a few characteristics. to be considered bipolar, you would have to have a combination of multiple different symptoms that are persistant. this is the same with all other disorders. so just because you notice a few of these characteristics in yourself or in others means nothing unless there is a professional evaluation performed to determine every possible explanation. just wanted to put my 2 cents in there to clarify why diagnosing is not ok if you are not a professional working with a client.

  • Anybody need someone to take their online classes for them, I'm of service

  • "from 25 to born" lmao

  • "oh so you're psychoanalizing me right now?" as a psychology student this phrase is so frequent and sooo annoying!!!

  • Thanks for sharing advice about a camera 🎥 to start with. I've been thinking about beginning to make videos.

  • Ur so pretty

  • are you dating a cat with claws

  • Im going to study phychology soon. looking forward to it 🙂

  • i just diagnosed you as a bunny boiler and never studied psychology but i know when i see a bunny boiler

  • There's some BS Psych for you….Yes, we will not analyze people, the moment we begin to learn how to do it better.

  • Hi Sarah, where u from?

  • Being crazy is not a bad necessarily a bad thing, lots of famous psychologists were considered crazy by many people. Nietsche, Jung, etc… The line between being a genius and being crazy is very slim. It's just a question of what the definition of normal / abnormal / crazy is.

  • Hi, I am starting high school and I am thinking about studying psychology when I graduate. Is there anything you should be good at or know when you're studying psychology? Like should I learn something ahead or is there any literature I could read to get into it more and understand it better before college? Thanks

  • Ur lipstick is amazing ❤❤

  • Do u psychologists do a lot of maths in uni?

  • Its full of shit

  • I am undecided, and I am taking general psychology, so far I like it, and it could be my major maybe not sure, but it is the only option so far.

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