Why an Entire Field of Psychology Is in Trouble

Why an Entire Field of Psychology Is in Trouble

Learn why an entire field of Psychology is in trouble.

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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May 4, 2016 / 27 Comments / by / in
  • Plot twist: The amount of self control was the same. It was the cookies that gave additional motivation to increase the self control.

  • The problem with Psychology, is that it ties to analyze human beings like equal robots, that live in a pattern. But glady, we are not that, each person is different, and each person is different from himself in each new day, because we are beings that evolve and learn, not a stone, and not a pure rational robot, no psychological can analyze emotions and feelings as a pattern. I am glad that Psychology fails from time to time, because that makes me feel more human, more unique, I hate the idea of only being a robot of meat, life would not be worth living that way.

  • This isn't just a phenomena seen in psychological science. Refining scientific theories has been the essence of science for centuries, and with technological advancements several archaic biological theories have been likewise nullified and disproved. Psychologist are not in trouble, this was click baiting

  • Psychology is biology

  • Sounds more likely that a better sense of wellbeing might better foster productivity when looking for gains.

  • Can anyone show me a replicable study of global warming resulting from excess fossil fuel use?

  • Freud is pretty well discredited not to mention a cocaine addict, so referencing him is a joke.

  • Psychology is study about human mind, which is incredibly complex. The first thing in psychology research should be, does the research topic in hypothesis even exist or true?

  • My tolerance of you saying the word "ego depletion" is entirely depleted

  • Wow, this actually seems accurate. When i first start to commit to something, i do it tons and work really hard, but later i stop being so persistent.

  • Try to compare this talk with a WEIRD paper and I think, that the whole point of the video will make much better sense.

  • this isn't just psychology this is science overall. we need more oversight with published data

  • I'm sorry, there might be other things at play here. Perhaps the group given cookies felt more obligated and socially tied to commit longer because of the sweet treat. The ones given radishes thought they were just being given insulting welcoming gestures so they don't feel a need to perform well, and the ones offered nothing could have done it out of purely not having to wait in that room 5 minutes, i.e. 5 minutes of their valuable time saved.

  • Great discussion topic for my psychology class thanks!

  • So… to maintain enough self-control to stay on your diet, you need to replenish your glucose by eating cake. Sounds about right.

  • Ah yes, Sigmund Freud, the man who studied 1 child through purely the child's father's words (who by the was was a fan of Freuds work) and concluded that we have a stage in development where we want to have sex with our mothers.

    I'm not saying his study has absolutly no reliability, but…

  • I want cookies now 🙁

  • be healthy be fine.

  • In trouble? I thought we're giving a room for "falsifiability?"

  • The entire psychology field is not to be trusted.

  • Ego depletion is a possibility. One could gain more determination to do something if they get through a tedious task, or nothing could happen.

  • The emotional state of any given person, takes part in physical and mental reactions, and together, these variables are dynamic in nature, always changing, which is what screws up the test. That is why an exact answer cannot be acquired. We are not robots. Not one of us is exactly the same, and we cannot be, because each one of us are unique, with our own past, present, and future.

  • The ego depletion hypothesis and the way it was proved is the dumbest thing I've ever heard

  • Science is taking a hypothesis and testing it ever way conceivable to invalidate it. Pseudo-Science is take a hypothesis and testing it to prove it correct. "Baumeister has said that he plans to launch his own replication studies, in the hopes of proving that the effect is real." Sounds like Pseudo-Science to me, and I am studying Psych and Economics.

  • Here's a test,Invite a volunteer to multiple tests with pleasant outcomes then after the 25th test make the 26th test mortifying,will they return for the 27th test?

  • Well cookies are sugar, how do you exclude that?

  • I wonder how Daniel Kahneman feels about this . . .

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