What’s Criminal Psychology?

What’s Criminal Psychology?

Laurence Miller, Ph.D., author of ‘Criminal Psychology – Nature, Nurture, Culture’ giving a brief introduction about criminal psychology.


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  • Though very interested in criminal psychology, there are not very many jobs within this criteria. Though with our world there should be. ūüôĀ Though self studied and college studied I will have to look into other studies. I will not go into this work, though wanting to badly. All this will be is a hobby. Though I feel I could make a difference. Heart broken. Thank you for your information and time Laurence Miller, Ph.D and film creators.

  • I love Lawrence miller he has made me want to pursue psychology as a new career. Such a professional well spoken and knowledgeable man. Thanks for the vids!

  • *laurence.

  • This is just super! I am studying criminal psychology as a subject in my security management course at diploma level. However after seeing this video I have been inspired to pursue criminal psychology as a profession. Keep it up Lawrence Miller.

  • i wasnt sure about taking this career path at first but seeing all this information about psychology i am definitely taking this career path

  • Thanks for interesting video!

  • absolutely facsinating! Thank you for the upload!

  • This man is very smart.¬†
    I salute you sir.

  • Thank you so much this is intresting

  • http://wnep.com/2014/05/23/16-year-old-charged-in-scranton-cab-drivers-murder/ –¬†
    Asznis Richardson. ¬†responsed ¬†when asked why he did it. ‚ÄėI feel my homies die, everybody got to die. What do you guys see here ?¬†

  • Let us consider the psychology of the individual who believes it is the right of the State apparatus to define what is normal and abnormal¬† and what is criminal…and let us consider the oppression that can lead to generally and in specific cases.

  • criminal minds theme starts

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