What you can do with a Psychology degree #ThisPsychMajor || Rona Elisa Yoga

What you can do with a Psychology degree #ThisPsychMajor || Rona Elisa Yoga

What you can do with a psychology degree…. or really, what CAN’T you do with a psychology degree?? Studying psychology can help you succeed in so many fields and careers and roles in life off the beaten psychology career path.

#ThisPsychMajor and so many others are making the world better thanks to our education in psychology. You know what the world doesn’t need more of? Presidents named Bush…

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  • Have you found a job in psychology with your major ?

  • There are high unemployment rates among all psychology majors. Many of those who are employed get jobs unrelated to psychology that do not pay well.

  • this video has a lil inspiration for me not bcuz of bush but of how you mentation the usa needs more psy. major. I am majoring in psy. n my passion is helping people . thank you soooooo much ❀

  • i want to be a psychologist.. am doing nursing degree but am more into just psychology.. hope i ll soon become

  • As a junior bachelor of science in psychology student, I feel torn about it. I LOVE learning about it and I am going to go on to graduate school to continue my education with it, but the way I see it, is if you only want a bachelors degree and to get a job, pick a different major. This degree doesn't lead to too much money and the debt can be maddening, but if you're focused on going to graduate school to be a licensed counselor/therapist/psychologist, it can be worth it. You just really need to decide (if you're a future student reading this) if you're mentally prepared for beyond 4 years of college. College can be fun, but it's a lot of studying, being broke, and stress.

  • My brother majored in philosophy… now he works a warehouse. FYI he was the best in the class

  • So, you're saying 18 year old kids without much exposure to the real would should sign up for 20-50 grand in debt for a degree because it's a noble thing to do? I think it's better to be honest with these kids. "By signing this, you're agreeing to pay back 20-50k for a piece of paper that won't help you much at all in the job search. Most likely you'll be a secretary for people that pursued a degree that's valuable in today's economy. But, it's the noble thing to do. So stop being sefish! Just sign your life away."

  • M M

    There are only two things you could do with a psychology degree, and that is going to graduate school and obtaining a PHD in Psychology to become a researcher/professor, or working at Starbucks or any other minimum wage job that has nothing to do with your major. Your choice. πŸ™‚

  • I'm also thinking of double majoring in psychology and communications! Would you be open to answering some questions?

  • The only degree of less value is media studies.

  • Shut your wet back ass up

  • Thank you for this video. 100%

  • Well i'm double majoring in political science, psychology and minoring in philosophy so I just kill myself right? lol jk

  • This video was well put together and I love how you intellectually put Jeb bush in his place. Many people are ignorant about psychology because it is an uprising subject. People often forget that psychology is a branch of science so like most science majors, you have to get a degree that is broader than a bachelors. I use to be a biology major and even with that, I couldn't stop at a bachelors because a bachelors in most sciences will either not get you a job or your income will be very low. Psychology is one of those majors where you have to get at least a masters and specify what branch of psychology you want to follow.

  • Can I be a special ed teacher? I think its a fulfilling job and there is a high need for sped teacher because most of them leave in a few years. I also love airlines and want to do something in marketing in the airline industry. which job do you think in your opinion is more better? I am currently a undergrad, studying psychology and elementary ed.

  • thanks for such a wonderful advice. Lots of love πŸ’— and respect πŸ‘

  • I've just graduated with a first in BSc psych and I'm hoping to go on to a masters in occupational psychology. Doing a doctorate in child psych would've been great but it's too competitive and long winded for me. I just pray I enjoy occupational as much as I think I do and that it's great with jobs like I've been told 😣

  • You said IT girl!!!!

  • this is my major

  • Shoutout Jeb he spoke the truth in my opinion

  • I just graduated with a degree in psychology and it's really hard to get a job. There aren't many options. I may have to go to an unrelated field. The good jobs require a masters degree

  • your video wasn't specific concerning what level of degree in psychology so
    ..what jobs can i acquire with an associate degree in psychology?

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