What to expect from a Therapist? : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum

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What to expect from a Therapist? : Dissociative Identity Disorder Forum


I usually do not write here, because I do not like to be in the body. But I can not tolerate to watch how we and especially Alea are treated by the therapist he sees. I think this person is actually doing more harm than good.
I do not deal much with the outside world, though and I am not completely sure what you can expect from a therapist. That is why I am asking here.

It starts with the fact that this therapist is always late, 5 to 10 minute at least. And he ends the sessions too early. The sessions should be 50 minutes, but usually are between 30 and 40 minutes. He especially likes to cut the session at the end, if Alea starts to ask questions.
I can understand that not all topics can be discussed in the last 10 minutes, but it is a repeating pattern and being late is not polite even if you are not paid for your time.

He appears very cold and distant. He never would shake hands or shows any sign that he might care about who ever is there. He is usually like a wall to talk to. With the difference that he gets payed by our insurance to do that. And I think even a wall would be more warm than this guy.

I suspect this person to not bother at all about his patients. He never does relate to anything that was talked about in a earlier session. He probably does even not remember.
He also contradicts himself if he ever bothers to give any suggestions, which he only does if Alea inquires.
Like in one session he says that Alea should not go in the inside world, because he could get lost. And an other time he says, he should go to more the inside and talk to others. Or he says that he should create an safe space inside and does not relate to the session two weeks earlier when Alea did already tell about the safe inside space we have for quite some time.
An other time he just suggested that the Alea should just do more sport and spend less time at the computer and then everything would be fine, without any relation why he went to this therapy in the first time.

Somehow Alea still thinks, that he might gain the trust of this guy and then finally achieves some help. That is why I think it is doing more harm than good, because Alea really hopes for help and I fear that he never will get any and he will get even more hurt.

But are there even therapists who do care about patients and try to connect to them and to help and learn the whole story and not only try to look like the listen for the next 30, or if we are lucky 50, minutes which they will get payed for and then forget all about it?
Or is it normal that therapy is just a place where you can talk to an organic human shaped being and hope that somehow that resolves problems?


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