What it’s Like Being a PSYCHOLOGY Major!

What it’s Like Being a PSYCHOLOGY Major!

All about being a psychology major! What kind of classes I get to take, what my course load is like, what opportunities are provided for psych students – everything to convince you to switch majors and join the psychology program πŸ˜‰
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June 23, 2016 / 19 Comments / by / in
  • I'm starting UC Davis this fall and I'm going into psychology too! This was super helpful. 😊

  • What are you planning on doing after you graduate with your degree in psychology? Are you going to go into grad school? ps I'm going to start at Davis this fall and I'm super excited!

  • I'm about to graduate ba with my psych degree. I love you vids! I feel like we'd be friends if we went to the same school.

  • first I'm glad I found your channel! πŸ™‚ I'm also a psych major but I'm not sure if I want a ba or bs because I'm not sure if getting a ba would limit graduate schools & jobs. I feel confused lol

  • Very inspirational! I'm 12 and I want to major is Psychologically then go back and become a ELA Teacher for middle schoolers. My teacher has helped me understand and grow. Not just in writing but mentally. The number of times she has had me in tears over a speech is just uncountable. I've seen a big improvement in how I think and how my class acts and looks at certain topics. She's somehow taught us all the requirements but also pulled off teaching us what drugs are and what there side affects are and why there addictive. Teaching us that even though we're a poor school in a poor village we don't have poor brains and that we can have the biggest affect on the world if we tried. She taught us how Social Networking can be both bad and good to our mental health and our eyes and how it makes us think and feel. She taught us that bullying leads to harmful things. And she wasn't being discreet about it either, while showing and talking about self harm, suicide, and depression ect.

  • I am transferring to UCD as a Psych major and I'm going for my A.B. too!! I am starting this fall and I am pretty nervous!

  • thanks for this video, super helpful! What do you plan on doing with your degree? going on to grad school or?

  • nvm you already answered it lol πŸ™‚

  • Just curious, why did you decide not to go the clinical route after taking abnormal psych? I've heard a lot of people say the same thing and I'm curious as to why.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to film and upload this video (It's very informative). It's nice to have a perspective from a psych major. I'll be a college freshman next fall, and i'm super excited to start my psych major. Thanks again!!

  • I am doing BSc in psychology from University of Dhaka(the most renowned university in Bangladesh)
    My friends and family always demotivates me for doing this degree.
    they say it's a degree only for Girls,
    It doesn't have any job opportunities, unemployment rate is very high, salary is very much less, boring job, bad future, etc… πŸ™
    what should I do?
    please suggest me.

  • I graduate in about August or September which means I'll be a college freshman in the fall. I'm starting at a 2 year community just because I had some pretty rough grades freshman and sophomore year. Will I be able to start on my psych classes there along with my general education? No one has ever explained to me how college works and I'm extremely scared I'm not going to do the right thing for what I want to major in.

  • Do you need sociology?

  • i didn't understand the part where she said she chose the Arts route which is different than the science route,but then she studied biological and statistics in the arts route which is what she said is in the science route, those were just prerequisites for the arts route?

  • Thank you for making this great, informational video! I am considering choosing psychology as my major, so this was extremely helpful.

  • this was very informative thank you!

  • Thank you so much … so helpful info!

  • Ok i just want to ask that can i study science psychology because i am a business student… i am currently doing my a levels and just thinking to take psychology major after itπŸ˜“

  • Do you have any recommendations for great psychology professors?
    I love your videos! They're extremely helpful!!

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