What is Psychological Criticism?

What is Psychological Criticism?

Mr. Nance talks briefly about Psychological Criticism.


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  • I'am a storyteller – You missed a bet Tim Jung!
    Melville's works  would be a good case study here.

  • Hi I'm from North Carolina. Just would like you to know your post helped me a lot. I am writing an essay on Psychological Criticism. I am now searching threw some other posts you've made. I must say I am very interested in how you explain and give examples of the work. Very helpful. Thanks

  • Thank you for this video!

  • These are good basic psychology questions that I think my Chinese students will understand. Great work, Mr Nance. Thank you for uploading your video 🙂

  • I've been watching each of your videos as my critical theory for literature class goes on and omg…these videos are literal grade savers. Thank you so much for explaining the terms in simple, easy to understand language. Thanks to these videos, this week I got my first A for my psychological criticism in Frankenstein paper. Thanks Tim! Keep up the awesome videos, I'll definitely be needing these in the future!

  • Love your videos 🙂

  • Gen

    Is this the same as "Pschoanalysis"?

  • I am going to use psychoanatic criticism for my thesis project and your video is really helpful. I can easily make a general questions of the object I use. Could you suggest me which books I should read that has relation with Kohlberg? Thanks!

  • thanks for this e test to
    I am an arabic guy studies English literature , and i have 2nd midterm tomorrow in literary criticism

  • Wow thank you so much for saving my life during finals week i love you

  • thanks for making me understand these topics in such a lucid way.

  • can you make videos on formalism and structuralism also. plz

  • This is just what I needed for my essay! Thank you so much!

  • Wow, your videos on Literary Criticism are really helpful! I am taking Ap Lang & Comp this year and I have an exam tomorrow on a bunch of the different criticisms and how they are used. The reading we were assigned didn't really provide much clarity, but your videos did. Thank you very much!

  • Plot twist–Lacan and friends who spill over into Deconstruction as well (and make it so that we only understand like 32% of what they say, fun times).

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