What is Positive Psychology?

What is Positive Psychology?

“What is Positive Psychology?” A “white board animation” sponsored by Test Prep Gurus (www.TestPrepGurus.com)

This video was recently featured at the Western Positive Psychology Association Annual Conference and in the lobby of the Positive Psychology department at Penn State!

Written and Produced by: Nick Standlea
Animation Technique Development Team: Gack Standlea, Jessie Franzetti, Jesse Standlea
Animation: Tyreece Smith
Voice: David Compton

Special Thanks to:
The Quality of Life Research Center
Jeanne Nakamura
Natalie Demchenko

This project was sponsored by Test Prep Gurus (www.TestPrepGurus.com).

To Contact the Creators of this project send an email to: Info@PrepGurus.com


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  • Hi, what can i do for you? Where is this going to take place?

  • Excelente and the graphics are amazing

  • The following are outstanding…
    "Finding Flow"
    "The Evolving Self"

  • Wow. Where did that narrator come from? Cheesiest voiceover ever. Hard to stomach.

  • excellent piece of work which I have shared. Thank you

  • great intro to +ve psy

  • positive psychology is all about self delusion. Delude yourself happy. A kind of self programming or self brainwashing.

  • this is so true, great

  • I loved this clip on Positive Psychology. Especially since while watching it, I enjoyed replacing "Positive Psychology" with EnneaMotion, or Somatic Focusing. I believe the core of this work has the same goals and achieves the same things, like well-being.

  • A unique treat!

  • Incredible way of changing the way we see situations and life. Excited about exploring this further as a future educator! 

  • "Anyone who says otherwise is selling something."

  • Great video. Nice and clear. The more we all do our parts the better future for Humans and the planet 🙂

  • with what program is this made?

  • The Positive Psychology is a great improvement in sciences nowadays, it's based on forgiveness, love and gratitude.

  • Positive Psychology is basically a way of saying you can "wish things into existence" and is also becoming associated w/ suicide prevention training.

  • Perfect little summary!

  • For what it's worth, I liked this little video very much.  It was very well done, concise and educational.  Well done and kudos to him/her/those that put it together.

  • It is good to know how positive psychology to work with people.

  • Good old epictetus brought me here!(indirectly)

  • Great video, thanks for sharing

  • Mike Csikszentmihalyi? No… Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi. 🙂

  • Der er edderman'me noget galt med negativ psykologi

  • Excellent video !  Cela se rapproche beaucoup de l'approche du boudhiste sur la vie.  Pourquoi ce qui apparait simple est si difficile pour certain.  Est-ce manque de motivation de changer un conditionnement qui n'a plus sa place ?  

  • great vid:)

  • love it !

  • Great! Thank you

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