What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder? | Child Psychology

What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder? | Child Psychology

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Oppositional defiant disorder, or as some people know as ODD, occurs in about 20 percent of the school age population, and is definitely more commonly seen in boys than girls. Children with ODD usually are diagnosed by the age of 8-years-old, and it’s a consistent pattern of defying authority, being vengeful, seeking revenge, not following rules, and getting into trouble all of the time. I often consider that children who have these signs and symptoms of ODD, it’s really secondary to a bigger problem; anxiety, depression, some type of school related difficulty.

When I see this pattern of behaviors, and when it may be discussed with different parents, we’re often looking for other underlying causes of the ODD. Because it is a series of negative behaviors, ODD can be treated with behavioral therapies and behavioral management. It’s important for the parents to seek professional help, so that they can learn some of the key factors to help manage the behavior. So while there are many other factors to consider with a child who’s oppositional, these are some of the key points that parents should understand and recognize to help their children.


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  • Underlying cause? The underlying cause is children who choose not to obey and choose to behave like unruly, undisciplined brats. Parents are the authority, not the children and should be properly taught in the home and if necessary, appropriately disciplined.

  • I'm 11 and I've been digaoised with adhd and odd but before that I got exclued from 4 differant primary schools I've been taking medication and I'm doing fine in secondary school well better then primary anyway

  • So whats the difference between Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Conduct Disorder?

  • at a certain age children crave independence, hence why they defy their parents

  • Everything people do these days is a disorder, I find that ridiculous. It's what kids do, control them too much and they rebel. It's not a disorder.

  • so when kids start out, at least 20% of them are not sheep … that is troubling indeed.  Underlying causes … they don't want to sheep?!

  • When I was in kindergaten, we used to sit in a circle and the teacher would ask each kid (in second language) "How are you doing today?" To which we would answer "I'm fine, how are you?" And the teacher say "I'm fine, thank you" and move o to the next kid. We did this every morning and I kinda caught that pattern.
    So one morning, I went to school with a super genuis plan (for a 4 y-o) and answered "I'm not feeling well, can we do something else?"
    And thus began my journey of creating "disturbances" in class.

  • this is a good video but it occurs in 1-2% not 20

  • Mmmmhm

  • @ata Turk I have seen these children and worked with them. This is more than a child being a child and simply disobeying from time to time. It is completely more intense and if you see it you would know it and know that it is not normal at all for anyone to ever act that way.

  • It's called kids disorder.

  • Dilemma: how can a psychiatrist honestly tell the parent the problem is them!?!?

  • Back in my day we just called people that acted like this assholes.

  • Lol, being a kid is now a disease.
    I wish US would solve this epidemic and stop having kids.

  • I like how everyone commenting here is an expert on child development. Until you see children who truly have these disorders, often in mental health facilities, you really shouldn't base judgement based on your very small and limited reality.

  • My sister was diagnosed at 4

  • I have odd im now 18 i was diagnosed at 15. Its horrible please never tell your child that they are doing it on purpose. Its the worst thing you can do.

  • I have ODD And ADHD But I take Med That Helps Both And Is Good For School. :3

  • Plus i am 15

  • my sister probably has this

  • S

    my son has this and ADHD and it is a true nightmare. it has made my life a living hell and turned my household upside down.

  • I call it B.A.D

  • I have ADHD and ODD

  • I have this disorder I used to swear hit teachers and spit on them

  • thats me!

  • Funny how parenting is left out of the picture.

  • i have adhd and odd ;(

  • WHAT?

  • I was diagnosed with odd..

  • really????? this is now a desease??? i want to know who is directly in responsible for this desicion??? I need a name…

  • I don't get it. ODD is describing nothing more than a bratty, rotten kid. Why must we always classify everything as mental disorder?

  • I'd think people are all O.D.D who are not? 😂😓

  • I'm not saying it's good but ODD can prevent your child from Being bullied

  • William from Violette1st has O.D.D.

  • I am 71 years old. If I had odd or other labels on kids now, mine was controlled by a look from my Dad. And guess what he did not spank. But I knew better

  • ODD???… FOH

  • Wtf my parents say I have odd it says that it ranges around 8 yrs old I'm 15..

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