What is Industrial Organizational Psychology?

What is Industrial Organizational Psychology?

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February 25, 2014 / 7 Comments / by / in
  • i feel that i saw you somewhere 😮 

  • a lot of organizations governmental and non governmental private and public definately benefit WHY? because people are inherently lazy and miminalistic

  • I've set up a Facebook group called organizational psychology. Please join and spread the word.

  • I am in third year of bachelor's of accounting and finance, now can I opt for it?

  • I'm thinking of I/O Psychology as a potential career.

  • Hey! can we become an industrial psychologist with a clinical psychology degree?

  • You guys need to hire an I-O psychologist to make these commercials. You spent 80% of the video letting us know that nobody knows what the field is instead of what examples of what career choices you have in the field.

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