Why we study the history of Psychology?

Why we study the history of Psychology?

Why we study the history of Psychology? Or what is importance of history of Psychology?

We discuss before the importance of history, which we detail discuss about the dimension of history. In this portion we look what is role of history in the field of Psychology. So we follow the definition and component of history.

  1. Understanding the phenomena
  2. Expending previous information
  3. Exploration new information

a.      Understanding the phenomena


History play vital role to understanding any phenomena. In other words, we say that it is bridge between you and phenomena. Here a question that what is definition of bridge is used here? Any connection? Here bridge means a link and base that provide you initial thinking about that phenomena.

In the field of Psychology, when we talk about history, it’s means we explain a base and link the concept which is presence in current time. For example: Psychological treatment is different in deferent time. When we look the history of psychological treatment, we saw what is meaning, what is method to treat, where they start, what is important in treatment.

So when we study all the aspect then we understand better about that concept. We understand the meaning of psychological treatment; why we use it; where we use it, where need to improvement, and much more about those phenomena.

b.      Expending previous information


Another major role of history to help inn expending previous information. When we understanding about any phenomena, we look all the aspect of that concept, which help to generate a hypothesis about that phenomena. When we hypotsisesany thing, we always conduct a research to verify our hypothesis. So when research is conducted, in form of output some result is showed. These result are favor or against the hypothesis. In form of conclusion we find some information which support the previous information and something include in concept.

In the field of Psychology, also this aspect is very worthy and important because many research conducted in the field of psychology every day. These research helps out that they will be same result, or something add in previous information.

c.       Exploring New Information

Third role of history is to help out in exploring new ideas. When we understand a concept and generate a new hypothesis, this hypothesis is creativity of person. So it is new idea in that field. When conducted on research on this concept, some time we find something new, who opposes the previous information and help out in that field is great contribution.

In Psychology, it is also very important because history is a road, which makes us speedy and quick changes in new something learning.


When study different books and articles, we find many points about importance of history but concluded all these in above three. Some more importance point is:

  1. provide Background
  2. creativity in ideas
  3. growth and development
  4. story behind idea
  5. valueableresorce discover
  6. cultural ideas
  7. provide motivation

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