What Is Child Psychology?

What Is Child Psychology?

Do you want to gain knowledge about the children’s psychology? or simply want to know what is Child Psychology? Explore accredited online Child Psychology Courses at Brentwood Open Learning College: http://www.bolc.co.uk.

Child psychology studies the various aspects of a human’s development throughout childhood. Although child psychology explores infancy, childhood and adolescence, the primary focus is on the earlier years of infancy.Child psychology is a specific branch of developmental psychology, dealing not only with children’s physical development, but with their mental, emotional and social development, also.Influences that affect a child’s growth involve much more than the mixture of internal forces that arise from within an individual. Environmental factors, such as social relationships and the culture in which a child lives, also play an important role.

A comprehensive analysis of a child’s development takes into account many different major contexts:
The Social Background
The Cultural Background
The Socioeconomic Background
From a broader perspective, Child Psychology seeks to answer the following questions:
• What makes one child a leader in her group while the other is timid and stays close to the teacher
all the time?
• Do children, on average, develop various skills and abilities at the same time?
• What, on average, should be expected from a child at different ages?
• Is there a pattern in development by which one can expect a three year old to behave differently
from a five year old?

Certificate in child psychology level 3 outlines information regarding development in children and evolutionary theory. Certificate in child psychology level 3 consists seven insightful units: Introduction to Child Psychology, The Formation of Attachments, Consequences of Attachment Breakdowns, Personality Development, Social Development, Development of Language, Moral Development. In the start of the course, an introduction to psychology and attachment behavior is discussed. Various topics covering developments in children are defined and elaborated in further units, leading to end unit of the course on moral development.

Diploma in child psychology level 4 entails knowledge and material especially for those who aspire to begin a career in child psychology. Diploma in child psychology level 4 comprises twelve perceptive units: Introduction to Child Psychology, The Formation of Attachments (1), he Formation of Attachments (2), Consequences of Breakdowns in Attachments, Influences on Development, Social and Emotional Development, Personality Development, Language Development, Moral Development, Problems in Infancy, Problems in Childhood, Problems in Adolescence. The importance of attachments and their breakdown is stated in the beginning of the Study Child Psychology Online. As the course progresses to advance units, some important phases of development in children are studied. Problems related to children understanding, behavior and solution are discussed in the last units of the Diploma in Child Psychology – distance learning.

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