What Is Aggressive Behavior? | Child Psychology

What Is Aggressive Behavior? | Child Psychology

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So of course aggressive behaviors in children really is concerning to parents, and teachers, and even peers and siblings. One of the things we have to realize is that if we see aggressive behavior in children we really need to intervene early what causes it many different factors there genetic components, there are parental child relationship components, there is unknown stress in a child’s environment and things that are just resolve. Aggressive behavior of course can be verbally aggressive and it can be directed at anyone in the child’s life. Aggressive clearly can be physical and that’s very dangerous for those in the child’s life as well. One of the things that we know is that aggressive behaviors in children have very specific behavioral intervention plans the important thing to remember when you are trying to decrease behavior is to follow the treatment plan to be very consist to praise the child when there behaviors are positive and to not reinforce the aggressive behavior so please if you do see signs of verbal or physical aggression in your child intervene early and seek professional help.


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  • Does this mean that if a child behaves aggressively, do we need to scold them and such?

  • ya me 2 when this goes viral i can't wait to say i saw it first!

  • "If u do see signs of verbal or physical aggression in your child, intervene early and seek PROFESSIONAL HELP." Anger is a natural human emotion, to tell us to seek professional help at any anger sign is ridiculous! Over-aggression maybe…….

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    So the all the Child Psychology "HOWcast" videos as basically one line, "Seek professional help.".
    I have a better line, "Don't seek Howcast help."

  • genetic component = its the PARENTS' FAULT!

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  • Sometimes we unknowingly misdirect our kids’ coping skill development by teaching them how to make excuses and blame others.

  • What this behavior points to are oour chidren not having adequate problem solving skills to deal with such situations effectively. It also sounds like our children are starting to take the victim stance in an attempt not to take responsibility for their actions.When he or she claims he can’t help it or no one understands him he’s trying to justify his inappropriate behavior. It may be helpful to sit down with your children after this happens and problem solve.

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  • How does that "agressive behaviour is bad and needs early intervention" help any parent or child? That was just thin air being said out loud in my opinion.

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