What is a Forensic Psychologist?

What is a Forensic Psychologist?

Explore what it takes to become a Forensic Psychologist. Portland Community College instructor Dr. Tatiana Snyder presents part 2 of her series on various options in the profession of Psychology.


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  • Are there links for the trial videos that were featured in this?

  • What degree is needed ?

  • is forensic psychology same as criminal profiling?

  • This is what I'm going to school for 🙂

  • Sir. I can see that you are very smart . thank you for the info.

  • you need to have bachelor's degree in forensic psychology

  • Excellent video, and very useful thank you.

  • I would never help a person get less time for a crime they commited.

  • exelente answered. you are right.

  • I took Psychology while I was on College. however it was undergraduate courses. never achieve my degree, but I learned a lot and helps me with my job as BPO.

  • I'm interested in pursuing a career in criminal psychology, I loved your video!!!

  • Life should go for life! Bring back the death penalty & watch murders decrease!

  • The work you do deserves a thank you. You may not hear that often, so thank you for helping people.

  • This video tries to conjure so much sympathy for the profession. After all the criticism is receives on a daily basis, shows like NCIS and BBC Sherlock are absolutely essentially to keeping the profession alive. Hopefully their efficacy stays insulated from error.

  • A friend’s interest brought me here.

  • I can sense he was tearing up near the end, I'd enjoy this job if you weren't required to attend court sessions and have to defend yourself like that.

  • yes he is teary towsrds end. Not a fun job working with human beings who have a state of mind and abnormal behaviour, it affects u.

  • this is amazing subject. 👍

  • This is definitely what I want to do. I've wanted to help humanity but didn't know which career to pursue. This video cleared up what I'm going to choose. Thank you!! 🙂

  • What do you actually have to major in during your undergraduate years to become a forensic psychologist?

  • Thanks for the insight and explanation. Only makes me want to pursue this career even more! Thanks

  • Where all here because we want to pursue this career and i think i just found my future

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