What Happens In a Psychological Evaluation?

What Happens In a Psychological Evaluation?

My personal experience with psychological evaluations (psych eval, mental health evaluation) and what to expect.

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May 23, 2014 / 32 Comments / by / in
  • It is great that you come out in a video about this subject openly and frankly. Good Job! and you are good looking too!

  • You did a great video.

    You are an awesome friend. You share what you know.

    Thank you.

    God bless you and those that surround you.

  • I have Asperger's and I can tell you that everything in my last evaluation was complete crap.

  • can I get drugs taking this class?

  • I'm going threw this I'm nerves

  • my bf went in for a psych evaluation. he said hes being admitted for 2 days with no phone. you said some places are different. did it help you see things differently after they talked to you? would it affect our relationship? im being supportive.and im waiting for him to come home. what other things do you suggest i could do to help him more? he suffers from anxiety.

  • Can this also apply to a court appointed psychological evaluation too?

  • thanks. this helps!

  • HMMM When it comes to the elderly its all about have they got a good idea of what is going on about certain things in their life?? and..why are certain things going on??…Many elderly are easily manipulated…VERY different YEAH…

  • hi are the questions they ask people difficult questions just wondering cuz i have to go get tested ordered by the court to see if i can become my own guardian. just wonering.
    good job on the video to.

  • I'm having problems that don't have anything to do with anxiety or Depression. I'm experiencing me going through space and the stars passing by and not being sleep while this is happening just my eyes be closed no drugs. I do have sleep paralysis. I've felt like I was in static one time everything around me was static so much more I'm going through I'm getting help now . my therapist don't Evan know what's going on and she said she don't like saying she don't what it is.

  • When she was speaking about the fact that her anxiety made her fear them I was like yass i feeeeeel cause that's why I'm here :DD

    And luckily for me, I'm Canadian so I'm insured.

  • umm. umm ummmm I counted you said ummmm 168 times

  • If you wish to become more informed about the psyche (mental suffering, addictions, etc.), I HIGHLY recommend you read the materials of and/or listen to (via youtube), Dr. Gabor Maté.
    Elise aka Godgirl

  • Doesnt have a mental problem

  • This person discussing mental Health evaluations does not have a mental Health problem and is more mentally Sound than The shrink doing The mental Health evaluation

  • This person discussing mental Health evaluations does not have a mental Health problem and is more mentally Sound than The shrink doing The mental Health evaluation

  • Does anyone know any luck psychiatric evaluation places

  • Umm..

  • very good rundown of the the psychological consultative exam. I just went through one a month ago for ptsd and depression. In my case I had to relate the event I experienced and so I relived it in a sort of flashback. The psychologist seemed someehat moved by it because he described what he heard as "horrific". But other than that exception your experience eas very similar to mine. People shouldn't be afraid of the exam.

  • what happens if your lawer wants you to see a psychiatric evaluation

    and you dont go see one

    can the court hold you incotemt of court

    can you say i tryed to call my lawer but he never called me back

    for a date and time to see a psychiatric evaluation

    it is the lawers job to call you for a date and time to see a psychiatric evaluation

    your case can not go forword till you see a psychiatric evaluation

    so theb lawer gets in troble for not calling you back with the info

    so if you are guilty just dont go to the psychiatric evaluation

    the case can not go forward till you do it

    so just say you called your lawer he never called me back

    would this post date your trail date even more and you can just keep going to the court

    or do you goto jail to get the psychiatric evaluation

    if you fail to do so thanks

  • failing to obey an order of the court

    can be jailed until they comply with the order.

    does this count for a psychiatric evaluation

    but you tell the judge you called the lawer and he never called you back


  • ive got to go for a physiological assesment due to stuff going on with my sons dad and his other son. because i have mental health problems and had a melt down when my son was 1 due to my mums death now im having to have one to make sure im fit enough to keep my son who has emotional needs ….iam so petrified

  • I'm going to tomorrow and it takes 2 1/2 hours

  • Thank You for sharing this.

  • I'm going through it, but in a much more complex way. My problem is more psychological and semantic than it is physical.

  • There are two things I question vastly in this picture: firstly, I'm almost certain that whatever I say in my upcoming psych evaluation will probably be used as public record; and secondly, knowing the system and how rigged it is I wouldn't be surprised if the ball wasn't in my court as is probably the case with a lot of people who experience psychological evaluations. Your agreement to these discoveries I've found is not required; however, the choice to agree with my findings or otherwise is still on an open table to discuss. Other than that, everything you've said in this video is pretty darn accurate and shows that it doesn't necessarily take a psychologist or a mental health expert of any kind to know this stuff; in fact, it only requires common and even uncommon sense, logic and knowledge.

  • Thank you for your candid video on this subject, I am assbackward. I watched this after the eval. but the info of seeing the test or being able to request the test info, I did not know. So thank you very much. PS. I think you are beautiful even without makeup.

  • Applies for disability, she is to lazy to work and fakes a disability and decides to try YouTube and obtains 25k + subscribers. You are a faker and I am reporting you.

  • Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluation Preparation (PEPtalk)

  • shortness of breath? she pauses to breath often

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