Western Psychology Discussion – Black Consciousness, Umar Johnson & Oprah’s Golden Globes

Western Psychology Discussion – Black Consciousness, Umar Johnson & Oprah’s Golden Globes

What have we learned about the psychology of the Black Conscious Community in the last few weeks?
How is the system of control using the Controlled Matriarchal Movement to usher in the next mind control program?

Subtle Infinity Soundcloud:

“The End of the Honeymoon Phase – Flat Earth, #TIMEISUP 2020 and the Black Conscious Community”

“The War on Every Man, Woman & Child | Flat Earth & New World Mind Control”

“The Western Protagonist – How to Enslave a World | Flat Earth | Black Mirror”

“Chronicles of the Western Empire [Full Documentary] | What They Don’t Want You To Know”

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  • Eye watched this live and it was a awesome build. Don't stop using your voice and energy to destroy and to build, Subtle. Everyone is not supposed to get it.

  • cool man am going to make a video response soon keep up brother

  • 34:10 This passage alone tells you who owns the system, Matthew 4 : 8 The devil then took him up a very high mountain and displayed before him all the kingdom's of the world in their magnificence, promising, "All these will I bestow on you if you prostate yourself in homage before me." He offered Jesus his system.

  • Great discussion

  • This will resinate(sp) with only the few. But that's all it takes, a few.

  • From the get eye felt KZSU and some KPFA/KPFB.


  • your on your game subtle

  • overstandin our conscious. i spent 2 weeks at a northern b.c canada reserve and saw first hand what the white mans believe did to the native of canada. thank u for givin me the eyes to see

  • umar is a blood relative to frederick douglas and he is a certified school psychologist with a dr in clinical psychology

  • may God be with us all on these trying times that are designed by the beast to destroy us, a must watch and listen carefully video… https://youtu.be/5pQvM9ZY41k

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