Weight Loss Is A Psychological Game

Weight Loss Is A Psychological Game

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On this channel I show you how to lose weight using a psychological and plant based approach.



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  • Thanks for all the love in my latest video. Through sitting in meditation, I've just realized how much I love speaking about transforming your internal world (psychology) to transform your external world (your body) so I'm going to be releasing a lot more videos on here about this topic.

    Also, starting Monday I'm doing a video a day for 90 days on my Personal Development channel which you can check out here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2dQKyQHYqeOSPusRRZYuHw

    Love you all!

  • Matt!!!!!! This is AMAZING!!!! I love these videos! The psychology aspect of losing weight. What tips can you give on feeling overwhelmed and having anxiety because the feeling of being a healthier version of yourself may be too restricting? Everything is revolved around food, we celebrate we eat, going out with friends usually involves dinner, going on dates … dinner, feeling sad … eat.

  • Matt I'm a fan. You are a crucial brick in my transformation. I'm glad to see you back filming and your subject matter is needed, at least by me. I'm 50lbs down in 6 months with 30 to go. I still see my self as fat and need to get my mind right about who I'm transforming into. Can you speak on the mind and a person's new body. Thanks for teaching me how to run at 52

  • LOVE the latest videos Matt!! Keep 'em coming 😊

  • Great video, Matt! You're so right.

  • πŸ˜„

  • I'm not even going to watch this. Weight loss is about intermittent fasting. Thumbs up if you know what's up. #Fruits&Vegetables #Micronutrients #IntermittentFasting

  • Spot on dude

  • Love that kind of spontaneous, vlog like video

  • loved this! thank you so much!! so happy you are coming at us with your wisdom again

  • Totally agree with you πŸ˜šπŸ™‹

  • 😊 Matt you ARE fucking amazing.

  • I really like watching makeup videos and fondling me since I've managed to shed weight. I'm happy with my results in my quick weight loss. I managed to lose 26 pounds and continue to lose fat. This diet is extremely effective and I did not go hungry. The dietary plan I'm doing this on this website here TOP2DIET . COM

  • Great videos! When speaking about internal World you shouldn't swear…
    i'm glad i just discovered your channel! It's great! My running is improving!!!

  • Wow. Great video Matt

  • I love your videos man! Being consistent sure is a mental struggle, but it's something that we can all do.

  • I'm a song parent trying to balance my life with school and work and kids and a divorce and a mother who is extremely toxic and no support emotionally from my family they're all very negative, on top of that I have a bad knee that continues to dislocate whenever I do intense workouts, I have asthma and I feel overwhelmed most days but if I don't keep moving and if I don't keep trying to get my shit in place then nothing will ever change, I'm not a quitter I do believe I can do this it's just hard but possible. thanks for the words of advice so true πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ

  • Great job Matt, you are doing an amazinggggg job, thank you brother. Peace and love.

  • Makes so much sense…. I am on track for a week or 2 and then out of no where this demon comes on and I am eating for no other reason than sabotaging myself… I undo all the good I did in the past couple of weeks and then the cycle starts again. If I do not try to change myself, I am not really overeating. It only happens when I start the journey to change myself. Love to see the series on this to further analyse myself.

  • I totally misherd inner conflicts for inner cornflakes.

  • What is strategy without removing your story never works meaning??

  • Hey Matt !! Great video.

  • "The inner reality creates the outer form" — Phylicia Rashad

  • Amazing content in this video πŸ‘Œ

  • Hi Matt, firstly you are awesome in whatever you say! Totally believe everything you have to say. Like this one too. After flirting with weight loss goals for years, I remember this one day my mind was ready to dive in and do whatever it takes to achieve my goals and I was mentally so prepared for it that everything i did just seemed to be directed towards #goals. And 4 months later, today, people are amazed and so jealous at seeing me. And all I want to tell them is the same – its not training and nutrition alone, its mental preparedness. Love you, Matt.

  • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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