Vital Mind Psychology Channel Intro

Vital Mind Psychology Channel Intro


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  • You are an excellent Psychologist! You have helped me tremendously! The way you give the information along with your views and clinical experience is incredible! Please continue your videos! More of the Narcissist related ones please.

  • W C

    in before 50.000 subscribers 🙂

  • Love your channel.. Thank you for helping us.. I have done so much internal work #empath rclaiming my time

  • I’ve learned so much from you and hope you continue to upload videos. Could you possibly do a series on anxiety? I have a teenager who suffers from anxiety. I also would love to hear your thoughts on persons who are conspiracy theorists, and the psychology behind it. I have a family member who thinks there is a conspiracy behind everything and I find it very difficult to speak with him. I found your video series on narcissism very interesting especially the origins of what causes that behavior.

  • Your work is very much appreciated. Your video on empaths having too much pride was a game changer for me. I appreciate your honesty and high level of intellect. Also, your insistence that men not be bashed here is helpful as it’s really the easy way out, isn’t it? Understanding more and more the phrase that water seeks its own level. If we are attracting and staying in relationships with narcissists we need to look within, not for blame, but for insight and growth.

  • great channel….
    thank you so much

  • Thank you so very very much for the information your offer. It is very educative and inspires me to do " better" than what I have been. With great appreciation and respect , my sincere thanks.

  • Tim

    Abdul your input and insight has been so very helpful to me as I’ve struggled within a toxic relatively recent 2nd marriage to a woman who at the very least has numerous BPD/NPD traits. Despite that reality, I’ve not yet allowed myself to let go of her and walk away although I have gotten more consistent with maintaining boundaries. Besides I only live with her when she is in a more stable steady uplifting mode. My adherence to firm boundaries has resulted in a little more stable behavior from her. Fortunately I have the luxury of having an alternative place to go & live. Still although this ability to separate and create space helps me cope with her often demeaning and rageful language as well as the continuing delusional, erratic, dishonest and destructive behaviors, I recognize now that these behaviors of hers are not going to go away. They always bubble back to the surface. I know now it’s a part of who she is and I also know that it is dangerous to me on several levels. I’ve been able to reach something of a steady state and continue to enjoy the many good things about her that are present when she’s in her very alluring affectionate praising mode. That version of her is amazing and extremely intoxicating to me. It attracted me to her in the first place. I truly felt I had hit the girl friend jackpot when we first met and those first couple of months were unbelievable they were so good. And I’m definitely addicted to that version. While it is no longer as good as it was initially, her affirmation and adoration mode is still outstanding. We have fun, laugh together, she’s thoughtful, encouraging, sensual, very sexual and yet even wise and comforting. But she can turn on a dime and say the most demeaning destructive words to me and against me you could imagine. The most personal and hurtful things. And it’s almost always impossible to discuss touchy issues and sometimes even issues that aren’t or shouldn’t be touchy like, “when do you expect to be back?” I never know what will set her off so I have to be extremely careful with what I say to her and how. Many things I avoid altogether. I also still discover evidence of her plotting against me behind my back and other suspicious behaviors. So it is walking on eggshells for sure. Your words have helped me to consider MY role in coming to this place with her and remaining in a relationship that is ultimately destructive to me. So I’m grateful I found your voice of reason and meaningful insight. I have at least shifted from trying to understand what is “wrong” with her and how can I “fix” her or “save” her – to what is wrong with ME. Why with the lies, infidelity, deception, and all the rest, do I permit myself to stay or be with her at all. I am beginning to understand my role in this toxic dance. I have now started my own therapy around that. What is it with me? I want the best for her and pray for her, but I also can clearly see she’s a poison in my life. Now I need to come to grips with why I stay and gain the proper strength to permanently leave. That conclusion make me sad and keeps me stuck and unwilling to pull the trigger on permanent separation but I am really hopeless her severe NPD/BPD behaviors will ever go away. They can be hell and there no telling what she’s up to at times just based upon what I do know. God knows what’s she’s done that I don’t know about. I’ll keep listening to your channel. I am a loyal subscriber and I expect your subscriber list to grow dramatically. It should. Your videos are definitely a therapeutic outlet for me and I am so very grateful to you for them. Your insights are some of the most helpful of this type on YouTube. Thank you! God bless and all the best to you and your family.

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