Violent Minds (Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Violent Minds (Psychology Documentary) – Real Stories

Could the most effective method of crime prevention be a brain scan? This suggestion, the result of recent ground-breaking research, is investigated in the two films that comprise A Mind To Crime.

Violent Minds examines the brain abnormalities that affect different types of criminal, as well as investigating the links with drugs and the possibilities of brain damage inflicted before birth.

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June 9, 2017 / 31 Comments / by / in
  • The UK is run by psychopaths and it is trying to create a medical excuse, a free get out of jail card for all of these monsters.

  • F R

    Religion and society itself are the root causes of mental illness, along with a healthy dose of neglect injected by capitalism and competition. 300 years ago your first born males would have been eunuchs or killed. We have not come far at all in our evolution, and now we have conservatives who want to take us backward.

  • Kkk family and my dad bipolar 51597982236415102222

  • Tk you a million for showing me this series. SO MUCH MORE FANTASTIC THAN CRIMINAL MINDS

  • D F

    Happy rusty didn't get the death penalty. However these doctors are wrong when they claim if he was taking medication like Ritalin that the crime would never have occurred. Sure it's a possibility but not a definite reality

  • Don't be fooled by these psycho-psychs. This film was made during a period in which the powerful pharmaceutical interests wanted to portray all abnormal behavior as some sort of brain dysfunction that could be treated with drugs. The psychiatric industry bought into the lie as well as it was so much more profitable to write a prescription rather than spend hours and hours searching for a talking cure. Ritalin and antidepressants have made things worse, not better. Love your kids and discipline them when they need it. Don't drug them.

  • With a name of rusty, you know you will get get no pu$$y

  • This program was meh.

    Starting with vilifying ADHD people, claiming mental illnesses and disorders can be easily treated, doing shady conclusions from monkey experiments, blaming mothers (refridgerator moms was blamed for autism in the 1950s!) and generally being stupid.

    Of course there are brain dysfunctions among the population. But when you only scan the worst criminals you of course will get a skewed result. Totally meh.

  • I miss him from the Walking Dead. Damn you Abraham….

  • And alcohol and drugs run this planet 515979823 m@m listen to ur heart

  • And my mom has a black cat

  • As a human who requires two medications to keep my heart and bones healthier, and CPAP machine I can testify there are times I just want to stop all the maintenance. I do this I hurt myself which hurts my family. To expect human beings to maintain their required medications voluntarily with these issues is utterly unreasonable expectation.

  • The link between serotonin levels and an adaptive trait humans seem to exhibit when they get more violent to advance in the social hierarchy.

  • But is violence the result of brain damage or is the brain damaged by violence experiences that then change your brain structures and you pass on. I believe both. It is an easy way, gee, I beat you up because I just couldn't help it. Is that not the reason for domestic violence? I mean offenders are triggered and go off, but then they always feel sorry. And then do it again. It is so easy.

    There is no talk about biography, backrounds, about whether he was beaten up or saw it at home like many people. Whether this is passed on from violence experiences such as war etc. in families. It is just: Oh but the brain changed it is that way nothing there to do. Gee, ask his beaten up wife, the other people who are not interviewed here, on whom no attention is wasted, no or little consequences on something that traumatizes you for life, since they are ill. How handy.

    And in the end …. boom, Ritaline advertisement. Maybe aggression therapy, behavioural therapy would be good, meditation…. hm?

  • I only came here because i thought kenny power's was the thumbnail

  • So glad I watched this when I did, I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid then put on ritalin for 8 years, past few years I had been drinking almost everyday and smoking a ton of weed and found my impulses getting harder and harder to control, this has made me quit both.

  • Oh God, it's Kenny Powers…

  • psychoanalysts are the strangest occupation of all. No doctors, except psychoanalysts, can easily claim that something is incurable, and the compliance from the patients are the key. No one, except, psychoanalysts, can claim that one's submission to them is key. Are psychoanalysts tyrants? If so, no wonder psychopaths are 'treatable'. how could moral issues be determined by psychologists and psychoanalysts? just how irresponsible these 'doctors' are demanding compliance and a promise to be treatable and not curable? it is the 'treatment' that we should look into. Look at their 'treatment'!

  • yeah, you can reduce violence that cause financial loss to the society, but your benefit from the drugs you sell is even larger. Just one percentage of violence reduction and a lot of money given to your unproductive research.

  • best way to prevent crime is to quit procreating. Nothing else will have any real effect. Read your ancient history, humans have for the most part been active or complicit in violent madness throughout all human history. The Human primate is a failed species that mostly causes suffering. If you procreate you just enable it to continue. But you will anyway.

  • Fascinating, but regardless of the cause, these people are a risk to society and must be segregated safely from the rest of us. Even if a treatable mental illness is diagnosed, you can't force an adult to take medication. Anosognosia–total lack of self-awareness–is so common in mental illness that many believe there's nothing wrong with them at all.

  • This documentary is idiotic.

  • They would rather violence be caused by mental illness instead of just a person's willful desire to stand out in society and be seen as powerful and above authority because its easy to profit off of giving people useless medication than just accepting that humans are born evil and that through teaching your child to be good, giving them stern punishments for willful disobedience and disrespect and giving them unconditional love and affection along with wise teaching you can instill good values within your child so the probability of them becoming wicked monsters with no morals is very low.

  • "Rusty Workman" ?

  • Typical BBC bs the black killer is a troubled youth.

  • Rusty Workman should be given a frontal lobotomy.

  • 42:30 "Almost everything is alcohol related, including drunk driving.." thx

  • Funny that in the end of the documentary they showed MONKEYS, a black guy and more black guys… Racism??

  • This is absolute educational GOLD

  • ''the vast majority of crimes at least in this country are impulsive'' – obviously, so why is it such a smart idea to let everyone own a gun? your logic is baffeling to me, ya'll wtf

  • I have ADD and I smoke and take depression medication and I have anxiety, and anger issues. I try my hardest everyday, I have very low patience. I used to be impulsive, it takes a lot to get me to a physically violent point.

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