Understanding the DSM-5: What every teacher needs to know

Understanding the DSM-5: What every teacher needs to know

Greg Neimeyer, PhD, APA Education Directorate associate executive director for continuing education, reviews changes in the DSM-5 in this lecture. These changes include the elimination of the traditional multiaxial system and the reorganization of numerous disorders previous held under different categories, among others. The DSM-5 is a publication of the American Psychiatric Association.

This video was supported by a grant from the American Psychological Foundation, thanks to generous support from Lee Gurel, PhD.


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  • The DSM is mainly used to allow communication across medical professionals and fields. It provides a standard benchmark that correllates to normative data. It also is used by insurance companies that usually require a DSM diagnosis before providing treatments.

  • this video was amazing, I'm a psychology student and this cleared things up for me, thanks!

  • Google


  • Isn't part of the definition of "definition" etiology?

  • The worst movies continue with sequels. Why? Because they make money at the box office. They fit with a certain majority at the time. The longer it goes on and ends the quicker it's discredited and remembered for what it was. crap

  • Pscychiatry is nonsense. It's a "docs" perception of someone. There is nothing medical about it. The man needs to stop saying disease. With diseases we can see them through blood test, urine test, feces test, we can see stuff under a microscope, etc,, but with psychiatry no one can see any of these "diseases." However, the drugs they give you are powerful brain drugs and that is very dangerous. How can a field that gives someone drugs for their brains where they cannot see the "disease" call itself a profession. Be very careful of this so called profession.

  • I just want 2 know where in the f___k do I go 2 try to add (lol) a new mental disorder??? I am goin f'n mental trying to find the right website

  • You would be well advised to learn more about mental health (which is essential for EVERYONE…YOU TOO).
    What you are bringing light to however, is the issue of mental health stigma: False perceptions and myths in regards to what mental illness is and what kind of person may have a mental health challenge (ANYONE ).
    People can benefit from learning more about themselves and how to take better care of themselves. It does NOT always mean medication. Sometimes a good therapist can help someone tap into themselves so that they are better able to function in their lives at home, work, in relationships and in learning how to work through trauma).
    I hear your concerns about the pharmaceutical companies. I am not attempting to pick a fight with you there… Just saying that people suffer. People sometimes need support. And that is OK.

  • The DSM is just another term for 'The Malleus Malificarum'.

  • started reading it.. the first 10 pages define mental disorders like autism, sketchezophrenia, bipolar, mania depression, and compulsive disorders.

  • How about you add Wall Street Mind-numbing Disorder. And while you are at it, Autonomic War-Funding Dissociation Disorder (most the US Congress has that one…) And for you folks, Complex Pecuniary Interest Denial Syndrome.

  • I'm reading the DSM substance abuse section and I really want to know how to understand certain aspects of the book and how to understand them, such as how to diagnose a person with substance abuse and back it up with evidence.

  • Yes,… when drug patents run out, the drug manufactures alter the drug just a tiny bit, give it a new name, and file a new patent. However, … for what is this new drug to be used for. Well magically, a new mental illness is invented, and this new illness pops up in the latest released version of the DSM, and of course the new drug is recommended as the suggested drug for this new illness.

  • awesome presentation!!!!!!!!!

  • Is there a section in the DSM-5 for how retarded this comment section is?

  • Brainwashing at its ultimate

  • DSM is a complete SCAM!!!!!

    it is not based on science whatsoever! no x-ray, no MRI, no medial imaging, no PHYSICAL PROOF that such a diagnosis exists!

    they falsly diagnosed my daughter with autism and gave her lots and lots and lots of drugs!

    DSM is pseudoscience and is a big big big SCAM that ruined my "autistic" daughter's life!

  • Psyhiatric drugs shorten a persons life by 19 years! Psychiatrist, Peter Breggin has proof that the drugs companies, regulators etc are organised crime.

  • My latest post, sound familiar?

  • Modern day storm troopers of the SS police? You decide.

  • its good but so sad

  • plz help me for give DSM5,I need book

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