Understanding the history of Psychology

Understanding the history of Psychology


  • What is history?

History is detail description of any thing. in the history, we look the all dimension of that which we study. For example, when we study the history of person, we look first the cause of his birth, where idea start. we start the marriage of his father and mother. we also notice the relations of his parents etc. in other words, we looks all the aspect of pre-birth and then move towards his birth. This is Step wise move all the aspect like birth, growth, family, education, friends, society, environment, jobs, relations, every thing related include in history of that person.


  • Why We Study History?

History Play very important role to understanding the phenomena, expending the previous information and help out in the exploration of new ideas.

  •  Understanding the phenomena

History play bases to understand, what it is, why this here, what is is reason behind to generate and need to here, what is way to use it. All these question in a simply in mind, when we look any thing.  History give us all these answer.

For Example: If you saw hockey game first time some question arise in your mind. so when you study the history of Hockey, you can find all the answer of your question. who’s start first time hockey, who give the idea, what is development of in this game, what is rule of  this game.

  • Expending the previous information

History also important role in expending new information in old phenomena. when we read history of any thing, we do next step to make better in contrast of previous. so we try to generate a unique idea, which never share any other. So that purpose we try to do some thing, which give us in result a some thing new or little bit extension of that idea.

For Example: When we study the history of sports, we saw all the ages, which developed the sports, some information we gathered from history and now we want to improve the games. To full fill of that purpose, we conduct experimentation. in experimentation we almost find some new helpful findings, who expends the previous information.

  • Exploration of new ideas

History Also play very important part in exploration of new ideas. It’s provide a background about the things and help out the researcher to found the new and unique invitation.

For Example: History give complete information about the sports and development in the past. So researcher can find new and unique inventory in the field of sports.

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