Trading Psychology That Works – See Inside Yourself

Trading Psychology That Works – See Inside Yourself

Want to become a better trader? Learn to understand yourself. This is primary to understanding the markets.

In this fabulous webinar Dr. Andrew Menaker provides a wealth of information and starting points for helping you achieve more and understand yourself more fully.



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  • Thank you for sharing info Dr Menaker, it is always great to listen to you

  • Very informative! Appreciate the work!

  • fantastic, thanks for posting

  • your discussion on sleep is quite practical. emotion give information, this quite new to me.

  • The example on framing at 17:05 is flawed – Most people choose A (keep 40 for sure), as opposed to B (lose 60 for sure) is because B doesn't limit your loss at 60.  If B is worded "lose a maximum of 60" then that's different and I'm sure people wouldn't mind choosing A or B.  In summary, A gives you a guarantee of 40, where as B implies you may be left with even LESS than 40. Therefore it is not the same.

  • Thank you. Interesting information… very revealing

  • Thank you for coaching

  • Really good vid, thanks.

  • Yhek Yey you obvious you dont know trading then my friend!

  • what was the green line? kaijen?

  • For this video have any english subtitle?

  • Also check out Dr. Brett Steenbarger

  • Very good work Andrew, I am certainly going to sign up for your newsletter.

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  • my guidance system leads me here…very helpful in my trading…thank you

  • Thank you

  • Thank you. Excellent advice.

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  • i want to know what is the forx?

  • When you open an account with insufficient capital you end up taking far too much risk on trades….Mismanaged risk guarantees many of the psychological pitfalls

  • You have good and interesting things to say… But you take way too long to get to the point

  • im a senitive person i think ill be good at this

  • At the video time of 3:35 minutes: My answer, without being flip or derisive, is 99.9 percent; because, as analogous to sports or life it can be sometimes very arduous. If one doesn't walk away from a situation that could end up in a fist fight or worse, one can lose it all, or box with an opponent he is not ready for. This is a good example of one's blowing his/her account with one maxed out trade headed incongruously with one's longing. One should not be stubborn, nor be strong — and to be made wrong (by not conceding).

  • Thanks for posting

  • Absolutely brilliant video.
    Hit some of the problems I've been having recently right on the head!!!

  • good video

  • thank you brother for sharing this with us for free. so incredibly valuable

  • Absolutely phenomenal presentation.

  • I need to have a beer with you man, holy shit.

  • Great stuff. As a new trader, I've found all of these points to be absolutely 100% true. And since I began following my plan with utmost discipline, I feel almost proud of my losses now and that I had the courage to take a hit, and I feel like I earn my winners because I was patient and followed the plan. Good place to be, because once you're there the focus moves to your trading rules, not your bad habits and self-sabotage. That's when the real fun begins

  • Love it thank you!!!

  • 18:03 -> if u lose $ 60 for sure u can still lose more… if i win $ 40 for sure u can still make MORE 😉

  • An addition:
    Stress does not have to be your enemy. It is easy to see it that way because it does not particularly feel good, but studies have shown that if you manage to perceive stress as something that improves your senses and productivity (which it does), it can actually be beneficial to your health.
    If you want to know more about it look up Kelly Mcgonigal

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