Trading Psychology – Taking risks

Trading Psychology – Taking risks

I’ve noticed that aspiring traders often get frozen to the spot, even if you give them a net positive strategy.

Learning to understand and cope with the fear of potential loss (or crashing your bike) is an important part of the trading mix. You need to almost become detached from what you are doing in order to make rational trading decisions.

This video takes a ‘life moment’ this morning to reflect on that.


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  • I have never thought about it that way, and I have indeed broken a bone for sheer stupidity.

  • probably the most important sports trading video that i have seen. 

  • Where there is blame… there is a claim 🙂

  • bones have nothing to do with risk haha, I arm at my birth (literaly coming out) and I broke my knee because 2 people when full speed against me (not on purpose ofc) I was listening to music looking at the wall hahaha

  • I enjoyed this video(must be the beer) thanks for posting it.

  • How do you detach but remain focused? I find that my brain finds all kinds of things to entertain me when I should be watching my charts then I miss it.

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