Top Psychologist : Trump Has Malignant Narcissism

Top Psychologist : Trump Has Malignant Narcissism

Johns Hopkins’ Top Psychologist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis of President Trump.

One of the nation’s top psychologists just broke one of his profession’s ethics rules to give President Donald Trump a professional diagnosis.

John D. Gartner, a psychotherapist who teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, told US News that he believes Trump has “Malignant narcissism,” which is incurable, and different from narcissistic personality disorder.

Gartner violated the “Goldwater Rule” of the psychology profession, in which a diagnosis of a public figure without personally examining them, and without their consent, is considered unethical.

“Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president,” Gartner said, citing his movements and behavior, pointing out the president’s tendency for grandiosity, sadism, aggressiveness, paranoia, and anti-social behavioral patterns.

“We’ve seen enough public behavior by Donald Trump now that we can make this diagnosis indisputably,” Gartner added.

The diagnosis fits the bill of Psychology Today’s definition of malignant narcissism, which, when described, sounds like Donald Trump almost to the letter.

Carrie Barron, M.D., who wrote the magazine’s blog on Malignant Narcissism, says the disorder “Renders these individuals scary, dangerous, and ruthless.”

Malignant Narcissists will go to great lengths to achieve their aim.

President Trump’s aides previously reported that their boss watches an excessive amount of television, mostly out of obsession for how he is perceived by the media.

Salon’s Matthew Rosza compared the timestamps of Trump’s tweets about topics in the news and found that they coincided with the airing of various network news programs talking about those same subjects.

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  • very sick man


    Intellectual Yet an Idiot.

  • Methinks John Gartner suckled on the papal tit too long or else has made a Fraudian slip

  • I see some malignancy here for certain. What kills a Jesuit skunk is the publicity it gives itself

  • This idiot non-medical psychologist has a fetish with bi-polar disorder. He probably has hypomania himself. His attention-seeking behavior is noticeable. He's quite grandiose when you consider that he goes around diagnosing people without examining them. He is totally unorthodox in that he completely ignores the APA guidelines for differential diagnosis. Shameful and mercenary behavior. He's projecting with every breath.

  • As an M.D., Dr. John Gartner is a psychotic imbecile who has malignant narcissism.
    This man is a lying psychopath. He has completely violated the Goldwater Rule.

  • Silly twatwaffle idiots

  • Sam Vaknin is a malignant narcissist who is also psychologist. He is describing Trump to the point.

  • A diagnosis without getting the patient "on the couch". Very unprofessional, very unethical. A Harvard-trained psychiatrist (my wife) says this is an absolute no-no. "Malignant narcissism is a HYPOTHETICAL, experimental diagnostic category". Eric Fromm coined this term. It's not a diagnosis in the first place. What a stupid thing to say, it sullies the reputation of Johns Hopkins. But as we are quickly learning, if you hate Trump (I neither love him nor hate him), the facts or ethics in this case don't matter, Yes? Also, FWIW, my wife knows of no mental health professionals that take Psychology Today seriously anymore, not in a long, long time. It's like People magazine for mental health professional wannabes.

  • There is no such thing as malignant narcissism.

  • A professional diagnosis is clearly possible from Trump's Tweeting and his behaviour in public (cf shoving aside the Macedonian President). The so-called professional ethics that require the subject 'on a couch' are actually shorthand for $$Money Changing Hands$$ as a pre-requisite for the service being provided.H***job$ can also be provided on a similar style of professionally ethical basis.

  • Isn't this exactly what Roger Stone was saying on Alex Jones' channel?!?! Hmmmmmm…..


  • I can't understand why people are surprised by this. It's been obvious for 4 decades.

  • They should involuntarily commit him to a hospital for evaluation. They could keep him for 72 hours. Give him a test for Alzheimer's which his father had. Dementia too. But the personality disorder was probably always there, he was able to control it better in the past.

  • so are over 60,000,000 Americans

  • mental health is not a science it's an opinion to a lifestyle suitable to become a contributing part of society these standards you base on your experience with troubled people you better get more experience with people who actually pay for your nonsense

  • I knew this.

  • John Gartner served as a part time assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University Medical School for 28 years. He graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University, received his Ph.D in clinical psychology from the University of Massachusetts, and completed his post-doctoral training at New York Hospital- Cornell Medical School. His work has been published in the Washington Post, Chicago-Sun Times, Baltimore Sun, Worth and Talk, as well as numerous scholarly journals.

    His book, The Hypomanic Edge: The Link Between (A Little) Craziness And (A Lot Of) Success In America, was featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Newsweek, and covered by business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur. Dr. Gartner has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows including CNN and ABC News. The Hypomanic Edge was featured in the Sunday New York Times annual "Year in Ideas" issue as one of the most "original, exciting and innovative ideas of 2005."

    His second book, In Search of Bill Clinton: A Psychological Biography was named by Booklist, official publication of the American Library Association as one of the best books of 2008. In that book, Dr. Gartner coined a new term, psycho-journalism, for his innovative method of combining investigative journalism with psychological expertise.

    Dr. Gartner is also an experienced therapist with a private practice in Baltimore and Manhattan, where he specialized in the treatment of borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder. and depression.

  • can you give a diagnosis of Hillary Clinton also?

  • isn't that what Hillary Clintpn said. He is unfit to be President!!!

  • Q

    This guy is a really, really, sick and dangerous mo'fo. He is definitely MI (Mentally Ill)

  • Psychologists warn that Trump is displaying classic signs of being mentally ill
    Top Psychologist : Trump Has Malignant Narcissism
    Bruce Springsteen: Donald Trump is a "Flagrant, Toxic Narcissist"

  • As Americans we should be able to easily recognize narcissism in the White House. We've just had 8 years of it.

  • The Marxist-Democrat Party has "malignant narcissism," not Trump.  They are being extremely divisive, bigoted and hateful, and they will look for any excuse to throw an innocent man out of office.  "Thou shalt not bear false witness" (9th Commandment).  This psychologist is telling a lie, and he shall answer to the Lord Jesus Christ on Judgment Day.  Even so, come, Lord Jesus!

  • This is projection on a scale we have never seen before!

  • Search for : ' Trump Is A Zionist Shill '

  • Conman: even surer diagnostic.

  • Although Psychologists & Psychiatrists can't [shouldn't] diagnose mental illness from afar, we can as well as the average person, evaluate and score DT's word use abnormalities and breeches of basic logic as outlined in S. Grau's book "Ambivalence Based Psychotherapy". Using that metric DT seems to score in the mild to moderate impairment range.

  • Even his facial characteristics are hateful just like of his supporters. Greed driven fear mongering and prejudice trump supporters lol

  • The whole of America has psychosis that includes the psychologists:))))))

  • I thought every one knew this, isn't that why all those racist, 1/2 wits voted for him,I think trump would great in an orange jumpsuit behind prison walls. after all orange is color

  • When the person you claim is mentally ill but BEAT a 30 year politician with 1/2 the money spent on his campaign. XD Um OK Suck It Up Butter Cup!! Clinton campaign= 623.1 Million. Trump Campaign 334.8 Million. HAHA!!

  • It's about time we got a professional speaking out now we just need more truthful people we got to get do something about this fake president he's he's screwing us and the country it's not America first it's it's Donald Trump first and his followers don't see it if they do they don't care that's a shame

  • Idiotic, unethical and stupid per my Harvard-trained psychiatrist wife. You can't make a diagnosis without some "on the couch" time. Harvard over Johns Hopkins any time any day.

  • Ugliest face n soul of any human. BIGOT TRUMP..DARK DARK SOUL

  • that does it.we have a crazy fool at the top.who could start ww3 any day now. republicans it's your fault, join with corker and get this sick s.o.b.out of the w.h. and let him take his deplorable with him.

  • Watching liberals whine, whimper and snivel until the end of 2024 should be fun. Thank God we don't have a spineless weak liberal like Obama in the Oval Office. Trump MAGA. and let the economy continue to roar.!

  • Dangerous! & Dumb!
    Nasty! & Narcissist!
    Lustful! & Liar!


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