Top 10 Psychology Hacks You Can Use To Control Situations

Top 10 Psychology Hacks You Can Use To Control Situations

The following ten examples demonstrate how you can use knowledge of certain psychological principles to control situations to your advantage, be it socially, professionally, or academically.
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BeAmazed… Throw them off their game – If you’re playing a sport, or a game, and your opponent is doing spectacularly, there’s a way to throw them off without them even realizing it. Ask them about their technique. Don’t over-negotiate – Negotiating deals is a mixture of art and science that some people seem to excel at and others just stumble through. Eye Contact – Figuring out just how much eye contact you’re supposed to make in a conversation can be awkward, especially for the sorts of people who might not be huge fans of having conversations with people they don’t know in the first place. Remember names – Whenever you meet someone that you’ll meet again, or even if there’s just a chance that you’ll meet them again, it’s important to remember their name. Chew gum for tests – Provided that your loud chewing noises don’t cause your classmates to physically attack you, scientists have discovered that chewing gum right before a test could improve your score. Foot in the door – This infamous psychological marketing method, known as the ‘foot in the door’ technique, operates on the principle that people are more likely to agree to something big if you can first get them to agree to something small. Asking questions – Talking to other human beings can be difficult for some human beings. It can seem like a daunting task, and it can be almost physically painful to sit through an awkward silence. First dates – While many people may think that the ideal place for a first date is a movie theater or a coffee shop, science may suggest that you would be better off taking your date on a roller coaster. Smiling – Smiling, it turns out, can be a powerful psychological tool. “Because” – At a library, researchers cut in front of people who were in line to use a photocopy machine. Not because they were really busy, but for science.


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  • none of this works on me

  • Good video

  • "Mastication induced arousal"

    I'm so immature.

  • E

    They smash or what?? 👉🏾👌🏻

  • I took my girlfriend to an amusement park for our first date and then she broke up with me because I didn't make her feel happy…. no I am playing around but watch out for taking your first dates to a place where it would confuse them who makes her happy or it won't actually be true love… who knows.

  • I'm going to personally deny all of these tips and how they effect me.

    I will always rage quit prior to being asked my technique
    I will not shut up until my partner flat agrees or disagrees to get me to shut up.
    I will stare at toes.
    I will refer to everyone by pronouns.
    I will chew gum after a test and stick it under the desk.
    I will deny all requests.
    I will never ask questions
    I will never enjoy life.
    I will never smile.
    I will make denying request including because a bigger priority.

  • gonna try these out…

  • Top ten hacks you can use to become sociopathic!!!

  • #5 is also called "preliminary tie-downs" in sales. And BTW maybe the women agreed to let the team of men come into their houses because they saw in the photo that the team would be Dr. House ane his assistants LOL.

  • "May I please have all your money and your jewelry, because I need it more than you do?"
    *92% of people handed everything over because of the way the question was asked and not because of the gun.

  • I chewed gum and I was able to get this bitch to suck my nutz

  • I don't understand the misattribution of arousal part. How doe sit work, how do you use it.

  • Let me know in the commets because I want to know

  • This. Is. Stolid

  • 7 is nearly impossible for me

  • Loved it!

  • The screaming guy at the beginning made me subscribe

  • havent you got more because i want to watch

  • havent you got more because i want to watch

  • I don't remember my teachers names

  • I already been doing most of these things most of my life now

  • I've been farting big time all day. Please help.

  • soul discussion explanation physically love echo

  • "because I want to know" nice move 😁

  • indeed a life changing material…keep it up

  • Well… researchers have just proved that listening to the rapper "NECRO" you can up your IQ to 15%

  • I learned a lot of this or by instinct

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  • great video

  • t do eye contact its just too awkward for me, realllllllllllllly awkward😐😐😐

  • I love stock videos… XD

  • In the end you should say: "Please subscribe, because I need more subscribers." 🙂

  • If you talk to somebody obviously eye contact shows you're listening duh lol . There's some random advice on this list though.

  • Wow! This is amazing

  • Wait a cotton-picking minute. Is that Malta at 3:15?? Looks like Gzira!

  • Enjoyed !!!

  • People will remember you easier if you wear the same clothes often.

  • I can tell when people are fake. None of this crap works on me because it's so old and so many people all ready fail at doing it. You can tell when people are in it for themselves; they resort to this kind of shit. We have enough shallow people in the world without having to deal with more. Thumbs down for creating more BS.

  • 7:43 I died laughing at that

  • #3 I thought was common knowledge BECAUSE (see what I did there? 😂) when you take someone out on a date, the idea is to get to know them better to determine if they are compatible as friends or romantic partners.

    Going to the movies involves sitting next to each other but not talking to one another. Going out to eat is so basic/typical and you risk messing up with the bill. If you don't pay the bill or at least offer to pay half the bill, one risks being thought of as cheap & risks not getting a 2nd date. Alternatively, either person can say the "wrong" thing and mess up their chance on getting a 2nd date. It's always better to do something recreational (go bike riding, horseback riding, etc.) as mentioned in the video. I don't feel it's about taking control of the situation but rather about standing out from the herd.

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