Top 10 Facts – Psychology

Top 10 Facts – Psychology


Silent Partner – The Engagement


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  • Quite the Swedish accent or is that just me?

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  • i wish someone else made this video.

  • what the hell??
    We get our instinct due to dopamine…????
    good for scientists and psychologists that they found some vessel to put all the blame into.

    You said psychology and i/many didn't come here to be lectured about biology

  • sorry dude but the brain in your thumb nail is the wrong way round

  • 150 friends wow i can have 150 friends yippy
    Hang on i only know 4 people!.

  • hey this was uploaded on my birthday!

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  • 150 yet I have only 5 you call it whatever you want
    I call it the safe side 😂

  • Five proves that free will is an illusion

  • >When destroying dopamine neurons, rats will starve to death

    I'm pretty sure I'm missing something but isn't the hypothalamus responsible for the desire to eat?

  • #4 was dumb, show me a single person to draw or take photo of a cup bottom up? It's not because we don't know, we know for sure why we take photos from front is because it's fishing clear.

  • "Ever wonder why you keep on living?" triggered af

  • I'd draw like that because it looks better and because I'm still proud of being able to draw like that and nit just shitty 2d shit

  • Well as for the perspective i always see things as if it were under me , a friend of mine slightly taller than me told me " why do i feel threatened talking to u" i replied with "no fucking idea why" idk if its weird but i get in some weird situations..

  • great and inspirational video

  • "obiect"

  • it's kind of weird. i play the violin, and sometimes when i'm just walking around, hanging out with a friend, or other situations, i notice that my left hand starts acting out certain songs that i can play. it's just a sort of muscle memory type thing, but it just happens so often, without me knowing it at all. my friends and family often point it out to me, that i am doing the "thing" again. I've just always found little things like that, weird.

  • I don't get why people need to watch videos and stuff psychology. For me every single part of psychology is common sense aside from terminology.

  • I think Psychology is your perception of reality, so in order to overcome your mental "problems" and difficulties you must be able to understand your perception in its entirety, why you see things in a certain way and why it is affecting you.
    Reality is never completely as we see it, we all have similar or different perceptions depending How and where we grow up etc. It sometimes changes but we can all view things from different angels similar to an object to find out its dimension. Leave your mind for a while and reflect on it, the most important thing when trying to solve a problem is to understand the whole and at the same time sequentially build to enlarge your understanding of perception with logic in mind, instead of blindly embracing a new behavior.

  • Mirror neurons are not yet observed in humans

  • ("/)

  • Why? Because were all narcissistic and use our lusts, desires, greed, and self interests as motivation. Maybe we came to earth to do something great and powerful, but you and i, as will the rest of the world remain corrupted and self obsessed.

  • Good

  • Strange…started saying mirror after you.

  • THIS! IS! psychology.

  • is this psychology for pre schoolers? all of this shit is obvious

  • let go of watching porn, will stable the mood =)

  • Top 10 Facts – Science

  • mega star

  • I love these videos – this one, in particular. I'm a provisional psychologist in Australia trying to get info like this out there. If you're making another video about psychology and want some input from a practitioner, I'd be happy to weigh in to get the word out. Keep it up!

  • #1 Dunbar's number is a debatable topic, to which proper justification would not be enough as there are some people who are extremely social with a high number of friends( proper friends) and some who lie on the other side of the social road with just a small group of friends , hence i believe it is difficult to set a proper limit to how many friends one can have.
    #2 It was very informative in knowing that dopamine may be the reason why we do what we want, to know that the chemical responsible for our desires and pleasure is what drives us to live our lives.
    #3 It is true, and definitely believe in this one as it happened to me several times.
    #4 This point is also debatable as many people draw things from different angles but a strong point to prove this would be the way people take selfies from a height above their head and this may be due to canonical perspective.
    #5 True, unconsciously we do make decisions in a way such that it is acceptable to the rest of the society despite us not liking it.
    #6 It is true, human beings tend to be goats in a way, as they t follow the leader and copy the way the leader or the person in highlight does something.
    #7 Debatable, as some people tend to try new things to get over the sad things and explore new boundaries
    #8 Cant say, probably true, as brain and eye could play mind games and make up something.
    #9 True, thinking or the working of a mind depends a lot on the environment we live in or the culture we belong to.
    #10 True the example of articles divided into paragraphs and not the entire article as a lump proves much of it, as paragraphs tend to look much easier to read and understand as compared to entire lumped article

  • Anyone else see the extra T for but?

  • Top facts about death

  • You should have explained more that friend limit

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  • the trick is not to multitask but make both walking and talking the same thing as one task then it can be real multitasking

  • Your voice is too mechanical! Work on making it more ear friendly.

  • Top ten- time travel*

  • why was this the only video on the right that said "Recommended for you" ok youtube you trying to say something about my Psychology?? xD

  • 8. memories can not be altered.
    Source: 'Rick and Morty 03×01'

    also I'm experiencing 5. right now, I'm building a PC, I know exactly what you are talking about lol

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