Tony Robbins: Finding The Real You ( Tony Robbins Psychology )

Tony Robbins: Finding The Real You ( Tony Robbins Psychology )

Everyone has to sift through influences and affectations before settling into their enduring ‘identity, but is there really a single ‘Crisis’ involved or is it a gradual process of discovery and self-acceptance?

Focus on What You Want to Feel
If we focus on negative things, we will produce negative experiences. The same goes for the positive feelings. Robbins explains this over and over in his lessons of personal achievement. He says what you focus on is what you feel, and what you feel is your experience of life.

Keep the focus constantly on positive aspects, and rid yourself of any negativity. It will help your experience be one of happiness and success.

Know That Your Past Doesn’t Equal Your Future
This is vital for success: The past does not equal the future. Every day is a baseline, and even if you suffered some failures a month ago, yesterday, or a minute ago, it’s irrelevant. Look ahead and focus on what you need to do for that moment. This is especially true in business.

There will always be days (sometimes months) of negative results in business, something I have experienced across all of my companies. Don’t get caught up in the negativity. Make analytical decisions to fix things and look forward.

Understand That Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows
For ultimate success, we must have a sharp focus on what we really want and a clear vision of where we ultimately want to go. Once this focus is set, our energy will flow there. This energy is the main source of inspiration and will provide the momentum needed to get things done smoothly and successfully.

I’ve learned to act on inspiration: With the sharp focus and energy that follows during these moments, you can get two weeks’ worth of work done in two days.

Embrace Passion and Excitement
Originating from Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!, this advice has been an underlying formula to my success since launching my first company in 1999. We must embrace passion and excitement, and we can enhance this through our physiology.

Move your body, speak, and visualize images more rapidly. If you’re not active, it’ll put a damper on your excitement and subsequent workflow. I practice this daily, and it helps spread the passion around the office too.

Build Strong Vitality
Robbins says vitality is a must for success. The ultimate way towards daily vitality? As with embracing passion and excitement, to build strong vitality, we should also rely on movement.

Robbins tells us that the human nervous system needs to move to have energy. I recently bought a stand-up desk that I work at, and I use a trampoline when I need a boost of energy. This gets the energy pumping, which increases my focus and helps me get the task completed quicker and more smoothly.

Maximize Your Resources
The truly successful don’t have more time than anyone else; they just know how to maximize resources. Some people may consider this time management, but it’s much more. By maximizing resources, you’re maximizing not only your time but also your physical energy and health, which helps increase your overall enjoyment of life.

I learned to maximize resources early in my career by using Robbins’ Rapid Planning Method, which asks a sequence of questions on a consistent basis. The questions are: “What do I really want?” “What’s my purpose?” and “What’s my massive action plan?”


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