To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Crash Course Psychology #9

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Crash Course Psychology #9

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Why do we sleep? Well… that’s a tricky question. More easily answered is the question,”How do we sleep?” In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank discusses some of the ways our brain functions when sleeping and how it can malfunction as well.

Table of Contents

Four Stages of Sleep 02:38
Why We Dream 04:28
Information Processing 08:13
Physiological Function 08:31
Cognitive Development 08:52
Neural Activity Models 09:04

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March 31, 2014 / 37 Comments / by / in
  • sugarplum slumber that makes the eyeballs go nuts.worrrd,my man.

  • idk how a lawn decoration turning into a giant dinosaur with a giraffe neck represents my everyday life

  • Jiat woke up from sleep.Going back to sleep.

  • I prefer Professor Colin Smith at SMC but this a great supplement

  • when crash course is way better than majority of public schools

  • For some reason, I have dreams of throwing up. AM I THE ONLY ONE

  • I loved Neil gainmans sandman. 👌

  • Sometimes I don't dream at all is that normal

  • Random pen o.o at least pics seem to stay the same

  • Chairs moved o.o why do you move things o.o

  • You remind me of the 10th doctor who….fast speaking keeps me focused on these vids…i can actually hear you o.O

  • I dreamed I took Mike Tyson to the dentist

  • 4:34 lmao

  • have u guys notice that cartoon "lack of sleep" came up suddenly with those red shirts?

  • what a bad haircut lmaoo

  • what? what? what? What?

  • I had this one dream when everyone around me was speaking Spanish yet I was aware that it was a dream and that I couldnt speak Spanish in real life. But when I woke up I realized they might have been speaking gibberish or possibly I'm wrong cuz I recall bits from the dreams however the last time I spoke fluent Spanish was when I was 3 or 4 years old and I had a Spanish nanny but ever since I obviously lost the language and it's unexplained to me that other people were talking a completely different language in my DREAM

  • Once I had a dream being in a dream wtf!😂😂

  • I love that people like you do videos like these. I refuse to see a therapist even though my PCP has told me I have GAD and possibly bipolar and multiple personality. These help me and I'm more comfortable listening.

  • U talk so fast 👀. My brain can't catch up.

  • I`ve been an insomnia patient for over a decade. Within a week of having this sleep plan “fawam unique plan” (Google it), I was resting 8 hours on schedule a night every night. I`m sleeping very well that I have not even finished the plan. This has pretty much ended my insomnia.

  • Sleep is another state of consciousness , we spend 1/3 rd of our life sleeping which is essential for relaxing of our brain and transition of release of different hormones takes place which helps in human growth and allows our brain to process the events of the day and boost our creativity.

  • nice fight club reference

  • Sometimes we suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. Is it because our sleep cycle repeats in every 90 minutes or so, when we step to N-REM 1 from REM stage ?

  • Is his talking pace normal for native speakers? I understand everything what he says but isn't it way too fast?

    who loves this guys brain and funny character more me or my mom

  • he talks so mutch but say so little im about to fall asleep..

  • I'm digging the reel big fish shirt hank lol

  • Dreams are just remixes of real life.

  • You had me at "Matt Damon sen-tar" hahahaha

  • omg, i'm so disappointed he didn't even mention sleep paralysis

  • Play this video on .5 speed and see a super drunk Hank

  • Why can I never remember my dreams? I wake up feeling terrified after a nightmare, but I can't remember it.

  • gotta love the little tripping sleep character

  • Typical anti freud yankee. Please read freud…he gave the best explanation for dreams…and no one cares about the scientific method..this is psychology, not math

  • I have very weird dreams that would be neat to have interpreted. In one, I was a kid again and hunting bugs with my cousin and late-grandparent. A giant millipede sped off as I lifted the rock it was under. When I caught up to where it was, it disappeared. I then looked up and slowly pulled it out of my mouth. When I threw it on the ground, it withered into a small yellow object, similar to a nerf football. There were also moths flying without moving their wings and flattened lizards scurrying about.

    In another, I was walking down Main Street in my hometown and there was a man standing outside of a rundown office building. His mouth was agape and he looked like he was a pillhead. On the ground to his right was a waist-high pile of black olives he had for sale. Beside of the olives was a jug of brine.

    Another one involved a flaming 18-wheeler zooming through the sky and crashing into the woods of my back yard. When I went to investigate, the 18-wheeler was ripped open and it had created a large crater. Inside the trailer was a large library with books from wall to wall, complete with balconies and rolling ladders. There were even a few people browsing inside.

    (Sorry I just felt like sharing that lol)

  • I dreamed you dreamed about me…..

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