The Truth about Mental Health Disorders – Psychology

The Truth about Mental Health Disorders – Psychology

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The Truth about Mental Disorders.

Dr. John Breeding, Ph.D. psychologist discusses how mental disorders are created by the American Psychiatric Association and listed in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders.

Disorders such as bipolar, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, etc. are voted into existence by APA committees.

The underlying assumption of biological psychiatry is that mental illness is biologically based despite the fact that no solid science has been able to identify biological markers for mental illnesses.

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  • it seems that in Ireland if something bad REALLY happens to you and causes heavy distress, instead of solving the issue, they send you to a psychiatrist, which acts like a court, where you have no defendant…(even if there are proofs!).
    Obviously the psychiatrist appears to have the right to set an official diagnosis on the sole grounds of insinuations ( so then people are "officially" put out and cannot report the misdeeds to defend themselves).

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  • Well, I would appreciate that you’re a bit more tactful in the way you're approaching situations. If you want to spread the love of Christ you shud practice what Jesus teaches. I respect that you have some sort of dislike towards psychiatrists, but what's with all the anger about it? Apart from them imposing these lies you're talking about… I know everyone has their views but these insults and stuff, they need to stop, cus it's not helping anyone and it's not helping you. You know what I mean?

  • I don't really dislike psychiatry, but I am learning information about people being abused by psychiatry in Russia right now, and I am building an army to destroy the false knowledge of the atheists on earth. We must crush these atheists that use psychiatry to destroy people, we must crush them now. We must not wait any longer. This is an intellectual revolution, and no one can stop it.

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  • I have to say thanks again! Goddamn I love your videos, your views resonate like the sound of birds shooting submachine gun pistols at patrolling police cruisers in the morning

  • I don't get bipolar disorder. Don't we all have some disorderly traits in us all? recently, every woman I have dated is taking some kind of depression meds. I am totally against giving drugs to people for emotional problems. its emotions that trigger depression. not chemical imbalance! doctors are feeding these drugs because its the easiest option for them. they are creating more problems for the clients to return.

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  • Wow! An eye opener for me. I suspected this was fraud but I couldn't put my finger on it we've built an entire infrastructure around healing feelings. What then of those who have true mental illness? Is this the best we've got?

  • I'm in invole in the mental health where people get treated like a bunch of children… claims they are helping people….but in reality they are making money off the insurance company and instintgate non controling minded people to disturb the peace among other people…..and ask us aftermath how is your day going?

  • It's depressing how most people do not realize that ADHD meds in reality are usually (meth)amphetamines. This is why I am gladly showing you my quick video about the treatment of ADHD at the core with a clinically validated program.

    My young boys attention seriously got better by only training the functioning memory, therefore I believe it will be helpful to you and many others!

    All the very best,
    Robert Smith

  • The first step in the curing of mental illness – stop calling it an illness

  • WARNING.. This video contains Scientology claptrap. Proceed with caution.

  • I would like to hear this guy do a history of medical illnesses. There was a time when seizure disorders, and many other illnesses, were believed to be caused by demonic possession. Many mental illnesses are starting to be diagnosed in the same way as medical illnesses. This guy is outdated!

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  • The cure to mental illness = Get rid of psychiatrists, they're the ones causing it.

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