The Strange Situation – Mary Ainsworth

The Strange Situation – Mary Ainsworth

Developmental psychology.


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  • Anyone else from Hills doing Psych?

  • rue

    This is the most peak experiment ever lmao poor kid

  • when the stranger first comes in Lisa is all like "Excuse me bitch, who are you??"

  • Psychologists can be so smart when devising ways to conduct experiments!

  • Please tell me I'm not the only one here from psych class 😂

  • that is so mean. poor baby

  • So every time a mother needs to use the restroom, the child gets traumatized?

  • wait……so now they've started experimentation with babies?!?!!!

  • People going on about ethics, this is nothing, ever heard of Harlow's monkeys? Now that is unethical, cruel and heartbreaking!

  • This is good work. I know that it is hard to watch a baby crying, but the benefits from these types of experiments go far beyond a couple seconds of a baby crying. I wonder is the baby could have been conditioned to feel more secure with the stranger if the Mother had left the room, starting at a quick exit and re-entering and then increasing the absent time gradually? I think we are have been put in the baby's situation growing up and not as an experiment: very stressful indeed, and not very easily forgotten. Great Work, FR

  • That "strange" adult didn't look that strange to me. A funny hat or some fluro pants might have done it.

  • psychopath experiment it's properly obvious

  • greetings to all preschool teachers

  • Psychologists be like:
    "Lets make an experiment to observe the obvious, then we can publish a paper with a couple of fancy names to state the obvious."

  • This video made me so sad. Poor Lisa. 😞

  • Lisa is fine. This is what it's like when you leave a child with a new caregiver, at preschool or daycare, or even with a relative they haven't seen in a while. Yes, they will cry, but that's just part of life. This will not leave a child traumatized. Children need to trust that their parents will come back for them. When I start with a new family (I work as a nanny), the infant will often dissolve into tears the first time the parents leave. They are confused, they do not know what is happening. Once I soothe them, they go back to normal, and happily greet their parents with a hug and a smile when they return. Nothing life-changingly horrible about that.

  • 0:34 that's a very long neck

  • Pseudoscience at its best.

  • Ugh I really dislike chapter five

  • Anonymous

    sorry i just have to say i really love the mother's fashion choices

  • What happened the third time? Or the fourth?

  • Ok, this needs to be the standard for all children starting daycare. I worked at a daycare for two years and we had so many parents who would say "I'm just going to leave while [my child]'s not looking, that way they won't miss me as much." I mean hello! That's not how it works and now you've left us, people your kid hardly knows, to attempt to comfort your child. I mean the least you can do is show them that you trust us and then leave and come back, then leave for real. They're still going to cry but at least they're slightly more. Notice how Lisa let the stranger actually touch her the second time

  • Hey guys im here from psych class lol

  • I'm only stuDYING

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