The Rubber Hand Illusion – Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? – BBC Two

The Rubber Hand Illusion – Horizon: Is Seeing Believing? – BBC Two

Horizon explores the strange and wonderful world of illusions – and reveals the tricks they play on our senses and why they fool us.


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  • He suggested them what he wanted from them, so they were merely compliant. Also the visual stimulus of one hammer hitting an familiar shaped object so near to their actual hand is helping.
    Would be more convincing if he took some kind of brain measurement and tried the experiment with and without stroking the hands. But it's fun to play and call it science.

  • I'm not sure it's neuroplasticity, on such a short time period. As far as I know, the brain takes a while to rewire itself. Speaking as someone with multiple sclerosis, I wish the brain was a bit faster with the rewiring 😀

  • But I just get scared when I see a hammer slammed down…

  • I'd like to see the outtakes where he hits the wrong hand.

  • is it reflex action??????????????????? please answer as fast as you can because day afer tommorow is my science fair i need it it is really very important

  • i have no feeling in my hand so i wonder how that would work on me

  • WHY YOU ARE WRONG:  You have missed one particular point that shows how wrong you are about this.  The subject does not pull away with their real hand most of the time.  If you were to do this test without the rubber hand, everyone would pull their hand away from the hammer.  You have not convinced them that the rubber hand is their real hand, you've taught them that things happening to the rubber hand will also be done to the real one.  So while part of them is aware that you are not striking the real hand, there is that moment of fear that they will also feel it in the real hand.  There IS a difference.

  • Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  • it's the phantom limb phenomenon made famous by V.S Ramachandran.

  • my hand felt like the people are feeling

  • i would of shit my pants

  • Imagine doing this with a rubber dick.

  • I wonder if this work if you weren't white.

  • I would've said "ow" for no bc o do it all the time and idk y. I will just say "ow" if I know something is about to hit me even before it does then I'll just say to myself "why did you say 'ow' it didn't hurt?" It's just so weird.

  • another great though experiment to share with you is when u are just before going asleep imagining yourself staying at the edge of the high building's roof almost falling down) your legs will be shaking) or u can imagine anything smth that will activate nerves muscles so that part of ur body will be reacting like in reality)))

  • that actually made me think that he stabbed the real hand but he didn't

  • my question is what planet is he on that the sky is shit brown?

  • Omg he sounds exactly like the guy from veritasium!

  • 1:40 nice camera shot bud

  • idiots, if you took off the plastic hand off and tell them to keep their both hands under the table, and tell them to read a paper on the table, then take a big hammer and stomp on the table, chances are that they will flinch even if no hand was hammered. You know where im going, yeah, this experiment is stupid. Its for the idiots.

  • lmao what if he messed up and hit the wrong hand

  • i think that people are just get scared because he pulled out a hammer and he was being calm then he just randomly pulled out a hammer in my opinion

  • T R Y I T A T H O M E W I T H Y O U R K I D S ! : D : D : D : D

  • more proof that reality is created in our minds…

  • That is why i can add additional limbs to my body.

  • does it work when your skin is a different colour as the rubber hand

  • This is some gypsy magic

  • Conclusion might also be…
    As the demonstrator hits the fake hand with a hammer, the subject thinks that the demonstrator will hit the real hand with a hammer as well, this happens when the subject is fully aware of the situation. In short, this test isn't for everybody, and someone out there is not always fooled by his/her brain.

  • BBC=BigBlackCock

  • science

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