THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE RICH – Motivational Video 2017

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE RICH – Motivational Video 2017

How to become rich : Mark Cuban, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Jim rohn.
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Wayne Dyer
Jim Rohn
Neil Strauss
Warren Buffet
Tony Hsieh
Manoj Bhargava
Mark Cuban
Robert Kiyosaki
Tony Robbins
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February 9, 2017 / 45 Comments / by / in
  • In the second half of the video, I put a great story of Tony Robbins. I hope will inspire you.
    Also, thank you guys for all these beautiful comments!!!

  • amazing vedio 👍 thank you ☺

  • Great video. I love the last few words in the video spoken by Tony Robbins. The secret to living is giving.

  • Background music is too loud. Ruined the second half of the video.

  • Be Inspired is just an 'energy kick' at the cross roads… the next moment I start moving on… thanks guys..

  • Everybody DIES but not everybody LIVES -Follow your PASSION

  • Beautiful you've done it on this video.

  • Thank You!

  • The thing is i dont know whats my PASSION and thats frustrating, and this isnt cause i dont like nothing, on the contrary. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great Video!

  • Thank you for this message! I really needed it today.

  • If I see one more daym mile iq commercial 😤

  • This video is about 1000th motivational video I see, but I must say this one is THE BEST.
    This is my turning point. I fell like I finally got missing piece to puzzle.
    Thank you very much and I became 719.412th subscriber

  • Love this.

  • best fucking video ever.

  • Emotions, well fuck you

  • The problem with today's society is that people want to live comfortably, they don't want to take risks. But what they don't know is that taking risks is the best thing a human being can do to change the outcome of their life. That also doesn't mean jump head first to a situation you're stuck in. Assess your risks and execute them. You're going to fail in life pursuing what you want, but if you work hard, day and night, bleed your eyes out, eat shit for 5+ years, you'll eventually obtain what you want. Never give up. Take risks and you'll find living extraordinary.

  • You can choose either money or do what you love?? Most idiotic phrase i've ever heard 💰💰💰

  • Wow! That was just an amazing video, great thoughts of people who became rich but have the right mindset, I especially felt the Tonny Robbin's speech, such a great story. I don't know if you have a link to the original clip, please send it to me.

  • Great video, if you also keep in mind that lot of millionaires are sad and miserable as f…

  • Awesome video. Love it.

  • One that I didn't like: "My dad was part of the union, and he wanted to work less for more pay." In a single line the importance of unions is pissed on. For me, this video was best when we get to Tony Robbins.

  • The secret to living is giving.

  • anyone else read "THE PSYCHOLOGY OF THE RICH" and thought it said reich and in hitler's third reich?

  • beautiful

  • Thank you for making this video.

  • what if the the PAPER (money) is your dream? When u r awake u think about money..wen u sleep u dream about…

  • good video

  • you are the best !!! you had no idea how you are change my life. Thanks

  • Great message!

  • Learn how to spell 'Receive'

  • Damn. Well played.

  • I don't want to become multimillionaire for myself, I don't want to have that much money for myself! I want to have that much money so that whenever I see any poor people, I can give them couple thousand dollars, whenever I see someone hungry living on the streets I can buy them good food, if my family member or my friend needs money I can give them, I don't want to live for myself, I want to live for others, I want to help others because I feel like this is what I'm born for, "To help others". and to me, there is no better way of living.

  • So basically guys.. the secret is love, when you put love into whatever you're doing it attracts abundance, think about it. Love is the highest frequency we can ascend too, just under enlightenment, so that means putting love into whatever we do creates abundance, it's mind blowing, we not only attract money but we attract an entire different lifestyle, new friends etc.

  • Amazing video. Thank you for all this knowledge.

  • Very inspiring video😍 Thank you so much 😊

  • Dont whine about what you dont have… Appreciate what you allready have and think how you can improve it. Thats the secret of "how to get rich and have lamborghini and buy expensive and beautiful hoes".

  • Yes I accept what a few other comments have written – it's not straight forward than some people make out to attract money and someone could easily fail.
    You should be aware of this and seek advice from experts that have already succeeded. I looked round a few sites and discovered a lot of good advice by searching google on sites such as Elsu easy attraction. Good luck and hope you are successful!

  • sacrifice it all for one dream!! But along the path you're goanna be a alone wolf.. which the 95% can't accept so they switch to that 95% of ppl and they stay in their comfort zone!!

  • Love this, this will take me far along my journey of network marketing.

  • These videos are helping me change my life. Thank you greatly

  • The secret of life is "giving"… I'm willing to make the sacrifice of receiving (I'm talking about money, JUST MONEY, you perverts)

  • Stop putting your dreams on the waiting list put that on the TO DO LIST! MAKE IT NUMBER ONE!

  • i'll retake the bac and enter med school, then i'll study very hard and smart and i'll become a succesfull cardiologue, then life will smile to me.

  • Amazing

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