The Psychology of The Joker ‘The Dark Knight’ [+Subtitles]

The Psychology of The Joker ‘The Dark Knight’ [+Subtitles]

This is a cutting fragments from the interview with Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale and the staff of DС Comics and The Dark Knight Trilogy | 2012

The Dark Knight (2008)
Director: Christopher Nolan
Production Companies
Warner Bros. (presentation)
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DC Comics
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  • The Prince of Darkness

  • The Best Joker Heath

  • who did the narrations for this video

  • Hilary Clinton's Mentor

  • Dang, it's always been obvious to me that playing the part of the joker so intimately as Heath did was what led to take drugs, eventually overdosing. It's sad now, to see Nolan had a small part in that. I hope he doesn't blame himself.

  • Batman is sane? Well, that's debatable.

  • where to find the full documentary?

  • I just wanna know what shirt he was wearing…


  • I do not know why is that, but the Heath Ledger as a joker still reminds me of a mentalist (Simon Baker).

  • imagine heath ledger in suicide squad

  • Batman is NOT "sane & logical" Lol. wtf

  • joker you are pro

  • When did everybody on youtube assume they're a psychologist?

  • not jack… but macmurphy… a reason not… the whole cuckoo's nest

  • Is it just me, or is Bale's accent almost none existent in that interview clip? Could he be trying to maintain his Wayne voice bc they were still shooting at the time?

  • The narrator at the beginnings voice is epic

  • Caution: Real Knives….. Lol

  • Muito obrigado por disponibilizar as legendas em português seu canal é incrível continue assim!!!

  • The Joker is simply a simpliphile with practiced efforts. Solution? #GenomeTherapy & #Quarantine as ever. #VeganFitness

  • Evil is only a choice as weakness if finite. Choise is absolute but choosing is not what causes harm…

  • hahaha wtf.

  • actually in comics joker's shit
    leadger and the script Creates a new one

  • you wanna know how I got these scars

  • Im sorry but I like the guason …I believe is the true hero…

  • They Joker basically does it "teh lulz."

  • The Joker is a misanthrope because he thinks that people are delusionally moral… only as moral as the situation makes them. He also has a deep seeded insecurity, masked as narcissism, that drives him to prove he's right. Combine all that with a sadistic sociopathy and he trolls people through violence.

    He likes Batman because Batman seems to have many of the same psychological issues… when really Batman has different issues, just similar symptoms.

    Though Harley may have many similar issues, it's a hard stretch that she, a trained psychologist, would fall for the Joker, even if she had similar issues. Thus, her choosing to be a permanent side kick is just something for fan boys to fap to.

  • I love this personality. I feel such a kinship with every single thing about THIS Joker.

    "- Some men just wanna watch the world burn"

  • Does anyone know the soundtrack name at 6:23?

  • Is this the Ancient Aliens announcer?

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