The Psychology Of Sleeping With Demons/Aliens/Angels (2017)

The Psychology Of Sleeping With Demons/Aliens/Angels (2017)

People are literally having ‘relations’ with paranormal entities……
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  • Great video KJ, as usual. Happy New Year!

  • Lmfaocimp lol ha ha ha

  • Discusting!


  • Sounds like pure bliss to me. Ahhhhh……. at last, I can find someone for myself. What more could I ask for?

  • "Fallen Angels" is a false Doctrine(Lie) and not Biblical.

  • The times are getting really crazy. Thanks for the video, KJ.

  • One thing that hasn't been answered (for myself) is the tangible aspects of these sexual encounters w/ the paranormal. Presumably the spirits have 'flesh' and – pardon to gratuitous reference – secrete fluids during the exchange? This query goes back to the Nephilim: how were women impregnated by angelic beings that have no blood, and presumably no DNA, but bore children w/ less than normal pairs of chromosomes?…. Rhetorical confusion over the matter, not even considering people who embellish (fabricate) a story for entertainment's sake. Regardless of my ignorance – nice work exposing this subject matter.

  • @TheScariestMovieEver have you ever experienced such event?

  • if I were that guy….the story of a woman who had sex w/a ghost & she left her fiance/him for….I would be thankful to that ghost for sparing me such an idiot for a mate

  • I have been talking in my sleep a lot. Loudly. Loud enough that I at times would wake myself up. I had a terrible nightmare about my daughter and grandson dying in a car crash. I woke up flat on my back with my pillow across my hips sobbing and stroking the pillow because in the dream thats what i was doing, stroking my dead daughters hair. I was half in the dream, half out of it. it felt so real. So i decided to find my digital recorder. I put new batteries in it and pressed record. Sweet Jesus! that was some of the scariest shit I've ever heard. my voice changed twice during the first night. I have a very tall bed. i have to use a stool to get into the bed. it makes a lot of noise. creaking and your normal stuff. in subsequent recordings, ones that i purposely limited my movement AFTER I pressed record. Once you could hear my snoring, the bed began to make all of the noise that it would make as if i were getting into it again. this was only about an hour and a half after I went to sleep. if anyone is wondering, I take Seroquel to help me sleep at night. So once it begins to work I literally go to sleep immediately. but the noise of the bed doesn't happen immediately. Once it does it begins to sound like I'm in destress in some way. Sometimes in the middle of the night i would try to turn over but my legs would be off the bed, bent at the waist. Very painful to lift them up to normal position. So I got out my trail camera (at a previous apartment, landlord was entering my unit). I wiped the SD card of any previous pics and set it up to take 3 pics in succession once activated. MOTION ACTIVATED. There were dozens of pictures on there with no movement. Once i had scrolled through all of the useless pics, something appeared. It was my right leg. It was just suspended there. It stayed like that for almost an hour, then it went back down. At some point during the night I got up to get something to drink. in my previous recordings there was something like a small gong being struck righr where the recorder was. So I'm in the kitchen and I hear that noise in my room. Twice. So I go into my room and wait to hear it again so I can find out where its coming from. I finally just go back to the kitchen. BONG! right when I turned my back. Now mind you I'm in an apartment where my LR is right there. I can see everything. BONG! IN MY LIVINGROOM but still couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from. I wasn't freaked out about it because the seroquel is still in my system. I left the recorder on while i was in the kitchen. none of those noises was on the playback. Only one and it was earlier in the recording. So I'm going to see what happens tonight. it's 1/7/18.

  • This reminds me of the movie 'Casper', where we see Casper having strong desires for the flesh and sexual relations with Kat, we also see that Casper's Dad has made a machine capable of bring spirits to flesh. ?????????????

    Joel 2:32

    YHWH shalom alaychem [may the peace of YHWH be upon you]

  • Demons are good angels are good it's all because of how you use these powers is all that matters and it's meant to be that way

  • I remember them mentioning lillith in a history channel documentary. That channel is all about corrupting the word

  • Glad you take this serious because it happens….and i had experience this phenomena a few years back….i literally woke up and got mad and jumped out of the bed swinging trying to punch what ever was doing that..

  • I don't want to live on this planet anymore

  • Yes this is calling pure evil in, naturally they're going to pleasure u but after awhile….sick sick sick!!! I love God & I have Jesus & my angels wth me. You call God & & u can feel the love & safety??

  • Gross.

  • I didn't believe in this until erotic dreams began happening and finally I was molested for real by something that had me unable to call out or move. That was in 2015. It's happening again. Only this time, in the same half dream state.. It revealed itself through telepathy to tell me that it was in fact a demonic spirit. This happened last month. It tried to touch me and give me an orgasm. I've also had a powerful dream about my husband not exactly physically cheating on me but messing with something practically like it with a female symbolizing it. I awoke crying hard. Lately this past couple weeks… I've found out that he's been doing a lot of masterbation {chronic} while taping himself and behaving in ways far outweighing his past issues with this, sometimes coupled with drugs. I've been devasted! He's bad off with it. It scares me. What's more is that I dreamed of it, saying the same things. I think his activity has brought this sex demon upon me just like the past. I seriously could not even get his help with him lying right next to me. I could literally physically feel this weird touching on my body. I'm scared for us. I know that using the name of yahweh and his son are powerful tools in this and I do pray and study like this constantly. It's been my passion my whole life to seek truth. But I can see that these spirits are getting stronger due to the state of this world and people like those at CERN, D-Wave and Kindred are letting these things in. Geordie Rose literally admits this during one of his recruitment sessions. Look up the video called Tsunami of Demons

  • It's going to be a Beautiful day when Jesus comes back and all of this horse manure stops!  Control- Alt-Delete…. and then these sick people will just be gone from "our" reality…or rather, we will be gone from theirs.  How wonderful will it be to live with an entire society of people who are pure and clean?!

  • Creepy A.F.

  • I had experience this a for a long didn't know what it was until I find out but never had sex with it just attacks one hit me back of my head u couldn't move I pray to God than I woke up

  • This is most likely Astral Contact, i.e. human astral projectors and not demons. To get an idea of what that means you can peruse this website:

    Astral Contact is a psychotronic phenomenon. Astral projection aided by radionic devices and black magic voodoo type stuff like voodoo dolls and voodoo boxes.

    Basically, technological black magic.

  • I used to live in a old home with 3 house mates. One was a single girl who was in college; one a punk/metal rocker; and myself.  This happened twice to me while I was living there, but I always felt like I was being watched in my apartment. I went to sleep and would wake up in the middle of the night being choked. One time I felt the evil in my room and put the covers over my head. I could feel the spirit getting closer to me and I started to pray; the spirit jumped on my bed and held the covers over my head tightly while I was being choked. I had a hard time saying the name of Jesus, but once I screamed out the name of Jesus, the choking stopped and I was able to move my arms and legs. I feel confident in saying that the kid across the hall from me, the punk/metal rocker was a Satanist, and those demons were summoned by him.  I lived there about 8 months until I could save enough money for a new place and then I was out of there.

  • This one hits home in an uncomfortable way. There is a spirit, or a shadow man, who has been trying to seduce ME for several months now. When I refused him, he started messing with me in other ways, personal ways, that I will not discuss here. It got so bad that I smudged my entire house, reaffirming in every room that only that which is of God is allowed in my house. And I clearly heard him say, "But I love you". As if!
    The real kicker is, I am happily married, and this has been happening with my HUSBAND asleep next to me in the bed! These things really DO NOT CARE about you or your life.
    For the record, I call upon the name CHRIST JESUS to chase him away. As Christ Jesus is the owner of my soul, this works every time, and I recommend it to anyone who does not want these things in their beds.

  • Kj osborn i need to share somn with u . I am a lil unskilled at how to go about contacting people on internet . Ive looked for how to do so on google but cant figure it out .

  • There is some stuff that i did early on in my life that is coming to a dark and horrible fruition now in my present everyday life . ( every night ) more like it. Please contact me as soon as u can

  • For some reason, I'm more vulnerable to American Indian supernatural sexual spirits in the form of dreams and I was physically touched once. Just touched.. nothing more but yeah that was weird. I'm a Christian so I don't appreciate or encourage that. But they do try to use absolutely every possible way they can to seduce you and get into your life. Raise up the standard! Plead the blood.. Submit to God, resist the devil and he will flee from you.

  • Ray

    Its real. Long story short, I kept waking up TIRED as hell but was having these VERY erotic 'dreams' at night. I was ALMOST asleep one night when I FELT something enter the room and slowly climb on top of me. The erotic 'feelings' were overwhelming…at first, then something inside me clicked and I began saying "NO", I then began praying and the spirit left.
    The dream I had that night was not a dream at all. I saw this beautiful in our house but she was downstairs screaming and kicking the walls, cursing GOD and EXTREMELY angry.

  • When you have intercourse with a demon, that is not "making love"; it is "fucking". Those of you that really think ANYTHING GOOD can come from this are insane. You have been raped and think it is cool, omg. And now call the spirit back for more because it "feels" good. Oh my goodness, those of you that do these things are playing with danger. There are more important things on this planet than an orgasm; believe it or not. Pathetic that we wallow in "feelings"; this planet will never grow up until we get over "feelings". An ugly and sickening practice from hell is to fuck the demonic. It 's like giving yourself to a your molester/rapist from the dark side over and over again. But, " if it feels good do it" ; a horrible quote from what, 80's >Aleister Crowley Consequence, is that still in the dictionary? I was at a presentation with Bob Larson in the 90's in Akron; I was horrified then when woman approached me with stories of accepting this and enjoying. It is evil and should be seen as a violation. YOU CAN STOP IT

  • Read the bible and Jesus will protect u

  • This is disgusting. Why put this garbage out?

  • FOR VICTIMS OF THIS: I experienced this too dear people, when I was in the occult and even after I came to Jesus. I share my story on my channel and blog. It didn't stop fully until I saw a deliverance minister. After any curses are cut off you, or even any demons are cast out of you, in Christ's name, then it will stop. That was my experience and the same with many other born again Christians. I personally know Jared of ThroughTheBlack here on YouTube, he interviewed me for his radio show. I suggest he is a good person to contact if anyone here needs any deliverance. Please also consider watching Chris White's YouTube video, Sleep Paralysis What It Is And How To Stop It, he has an excellent book of the same title on Amazon. Also plz consider seeing many many testimonies of those set free from 'sleep paralysis', or attacks by demons masquerading as 'aliens', etc, on a site by Joseph Jordan and Guy Malone, they r Christians, formerly deceived by aliens when new agers and now sharing the truth on demons and how to be free from them & also 'sleep paralysis', etc. God bless you all!

  • my aunt is a normal semi conservative lady..while staying at my aunts house which is known to be haunted…she woke up with a ghost on top of her & they had the best sex beyond imagination…he was a pirate but a handsome i guess telepathically he told her his past but i believe it was a demon

  • Dark Shadows

  • Not getting your notifications came across this video, looking at others

  • They are experiencing demonic hypnosis.

  • demonic , wonder how turned on they would be if they could see what these spirits look like

  • I just started listening. yeah I was having a spirit bother me for months a few years ago. it came disguised as my ex husband and he would crawl thru the window and then the spirit would get on top of me and go inside me and I could feel the penetration. I was messing around with a Satanist at the time who was deep in my mind and me and my dogs were seeing manifestations of demons and ghosts In the house with noise and shadows .

  • Genesis 6 explains this in the past and their offspring. This caused God to flood the earth. Next time God will destroy the world with fire. There are also horror stories of women being raped by demons. Covering their hair at night has been said to stop these attacks. Also, putting on the full armor of God in Ephesians 6. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Eph. 6:12)

  • Anyone else fap at this?

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