The Psychology of Self-Deception

The Psychology of Self-Deception

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In this video we examine the phenomenon of self-deception, looking at why we deceive ourselves, the detrimental effects that arise from it and whether we can rid ourselves of our deceptions to improve our lives.
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July 27, 2017 / 34 Comments / by / in
  • A passage by Kierkegaard from the excellent book Self-Deception and Cowardice in the Present Age by John Mullen –
    "Of all the ridiculous things it seems to me the most ridiculous is to be a busy man of affairs, prompt to meals and prompt work. Hence when I see a fly settle down in the crucial moment on the nose of a businessman…then I laugh heartily. And who could not help laughing? What do they accomplish, these hustlers? Are they not like the housewife, when her house was on fire, who in her excitement saved the fire-tongs? What more do they save from the great fire of life? (Soren Kierkegaard, Either/Or)

  • amazing how you always hit the nail on the head, beautiful work.

  • this is why it's impossible to be completely honest with people when you know that they are probably stuck in self deceit. It can almost be cruel to pull them out of it because chances are they wont be able to handle their reality.

  • Very interesting video, thank you!

  • Much of self- deception is rooted in the imagination, our sentiments and self-love. Society plays a large role too in affecting our imagination, our sentiments and our self-love.

  • Carl Jung's persona & shadow projection?

  • Fuck! This chanel digs DEEP! Its nearly unbearable to watch and explore myself through the ideas of the greatest men in history.

  • What is a flaw? What is a weakness? Who is to answer?

  • The point of taking part the deception that we inadvertently constructed is to do the retrospective thinking!!!

  • So much amazing art!

  • A great big honest "thank you".

  • Love how educational you whole channel is! I tried to contact you guys through your business email but it seems to be full. Is there another email I can reach you guys at?

  • Thanks for the enrichment

  • I only heard what I wanted to hear and know only what I heard.
    The war on drugs was never about drugs so stop granting the absurd gift of life, you insane monkeys. Nobody should be forced to pay for the Controlled Substances Act of deception and lies. It's a crime against humanity, imo.

  • excellent video! thanks!

  • The video was good but am i the only one who thinks it was a bit too dark

  • What is the scythe painting at 4:19 ?

  • A certain extent of self-deception is healthy and motivational, fake it untile you make it. But don't indulge yourself in false ego.

  • When i took acid, i had a complete realization of all the things i wAs lying to myself about and not fixing. Then i got depressed asf for a while

  • I loved your handling of the topic and its impact on the human condition. Please also look at the work of Terry Warner on the topic of self-deception and its causes. His work is now applied by the Arbinger institute. [ ] Towards the end of your talk, you seem to suggest that the only way out of this self-deception is to fake a quality long enough that it becomes your primary quality. This reminded me of politicians – who spend their whole lives faking benevolence and caring, but don't really become that. I rather prefer the other route of confronting my own self-deception head on as suggested by Dostoevsky – by being honest with myself. However, as the definition says = I may be blind to my own deception !! The beauty of Terry Warners treatment of self-deception is that he seems to suggest WHY we become deceived in the first place… if we understand the root cause, we have a way out. And the ability to live life without deception is surprisingly easy !!! and liberating.

  • Towards the end of the video, it seems like it suggests that we can "fake it until we make (or become) it". Just we should avoid reaching the stage of delusion.

  • thank you

  • All this searching for the truth and meaning is meaningless. Nobody succeeded in it. It is as if the chicken in a cage try to figure out the meaning of their existence. It is only the cage owner who knows it, and the truth is not pleasant.

  • You know, this is good content but the way you explain it is not that great, I feel like im reading a passage from a book, you could make it way easier

  • great

  • Great videos, so glad i found this channel.

  • A good start on a path to enlightenment. thank you

  • I find it really interesting that the discussion of unmasking the false self is being held right now. I don't know if it's just my perception of things, but I have the impression that a lot of us are going through this right now. It is so hard to breathe sometimes, it feels like my heart is breaking, and the weight of every choice or lack of is unbearable. However, as I keep moving forward I see the shadows fade away.

    For anyone going through this: do not lose faith. Keep honest with yourself and others, even if it hurts, and as stated in the lecture, only move towards that which you will also become. Do not run away from yourself, nor stagnate on your mistakes and fears.

  • The self doesn't exist so there is nothing to deceive

  • But what do you do with this information? What if you have lost the clarity for truth where you cannot distinguish truth in or outside of onesself? What do you do once you realize this? What if you've spent all of your adult life crippled in the cloud of possibilities? 29 is approaching and though Ive had these moments of clarity numerous times during my adult life I seem to be ill-equipped to move forward from them. It is excruciating.

  • Its simple..we get to decide what to believe. About ourselves, about others, about the world. We get to live in our own bubble and its not self deception there..its our true reality.

  • This is beautiful and enlightening, perfect timing for youtube to reccomend this video to me also.

  • Amazing work here man

  • This reminds me of the saying "I'd rather be hurt with the truth than be protected with a lie" however, no one in this world holds the absolute truth thus people make their own truths, so if the truths of human beings are flawed then what should one believe in? It seems much easier to just accept a falliable truth but I cannot accept the idea of lying to myself so what should I trust? What do I have left to believe in this world of lies?

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