The psychology of seduction | Raj Persaud | TEDxUniversityofBristol

The psychology of seduction | Raj Persaud | TEDxUniversityofBristol

Psychiatrist Dr Raj Persaud argues much human distress arises out relationships. But we can all become more skilled in our relationships be they in the domains of friendship, romance, work or career. Deploying the psychological principles behind seduction, the author of a new book on dysfunctional love – ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ – explains how improving how seductive you are, will also lead to benefits across many other aspects of your life, beyond just romance.

Raj Persaud is a Consultant Psychiatrist who has written and broadcast widely in the mainstream media besides working as an academic and clinical psychiatrist, achieving the senior post of NHS Consultant Psychiatrist at the Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals from 1994-2008. He has won numerous academic distinctions including the Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Research Prize and Medal and holds amongst 8 degrees and diplomas including a First Class Honours degree in Psychology.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  • started asking myself what is my " unmet need" ? well i guess its you darling i need to meet you ..

  • Mostly a useless speech. "Fill the unmet need"… This conclusion is enough to know.

  • Uhhhh…. OK, but aren't you assuming people will create a long term relationship. Are you not also assuming people will always have the option to create a long term relationship. And, of course, you are assuming monogamy as the norm. NO. a lot of people do NOT desire monogamy. Many capitulate to the idea based on societal norms, but that does NOT mean they want monogamy. For many, monogamy is a horrid, repulsive idea.

    5:15 Actually, we figured out that erotic seduction was not your forte.

  • wow !!! superb 🖒🖒🖒

  • Insightful!

  • Way too much work. I like singular bliss. Period.

  • very interesting speech, yet I can't help mild aversions about something.. i'm not sure if i would want for someone to seduce me (or seduce someone) in letting me think that i am 'perfect' the way i am. i can imagine it being charming and harmless in a short period of time, but in the long run this sets certain patterns of behaviour i would expect and no room for growth-because you're not changing for your partner (cause youre perfect to them) although you might have changed for yourself? this is way too one sided. i don't know. it's a bit creepy to me. voids shouldnt be filled by someone from the outside. they can be shared. but i rather doubt that anyone but myself can in the long run heal me.

  • excellent

  • This guys is an amazing speakers. He's so eloquent

  • Why just monogamous? There's not much difference between monogamous and closed non-monogamous relationships in this contexts, except the latter needs more communication on a daily basis.

  • so good :))))))

  • nice

  • Neediness <> Seduction. Seduction is vibration, a process in which two people enter in resonance and start to feel as one, or at least they start to forget the rest of the world when they're with the person in question.
    This man is committing the worst mistake in the history of learning how seduction works : asking people what they feel or think. They don't know the truth of what attracts them. And even if they did, many would lie.

  • plastic talk ……………………………………………!!!!!!

  • This guy is explaining GAME in psychological terms. Listen up suckas!

  • 병신 지랄하네

  • Lol that was awesome

  • 'the game of life'… sound like bullcr*p; as if every single person is a manipulative sociopath. Pretty sure you can meet a fun person without beeing manipulative "because everyone else is".

  • okay this was pretty interesting

  • thank you, beautiful talk. informative and witty

  • So meet strange women and write them plays?

  • What an ending! (Spoiler alert!)
    "I apologize I've run out of time so I won't be able to answer those questions. But, is it possible that leaving you, wanting more is kind of a seduction?"

    Great ending!

  • wish I had a cassinova.

  • "why would anyone pick a boring MD to talk about seduction " !!!

  • worst ted talk I've seen, he is an arrogant, repetitive, clueless and frankly annoying person/reader

  • Excellent video!

  • You have to give, to get….I like that!

  • Me cagan, este no tiene traducción -.-'

  • Lol

  • Great talk , well executed.

  • Alert: the principle of seduction is said at the last 3 minutes of the talk. Thank me later

  • This just proves that you cannot learn seduction from someone who does not know how to actually do it themselves. You'll see the difference when you compare my videos to his. Mine provide both the social psychology, plus the practical implementation, both of which don't only come from studies, but actual field work I have done. His provide only theories that come from studies, and he can't teach anything practical about seduction because he doesn't actually know how its done. Except maybe in the 1800's.

  • "Survey data suggest that around the world 99% of the population desire a single monogamous reationship. It's something that everyone wants." Gotta love these stalinlike statements?

  • Devilish instruction in how to operate as a narcissist in the game of life. Wicked man!

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