The Psychology of Scary Movies

The Psychology of Scary Movies

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Let’s go deep in the human mind and dissect our fascination with fright – exploring 8 theories on way we are attracted to the dark.

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  • Ahhhh! i just wanted to find something to watch before bed – now i have a million studies to look up!

  • "erotica"
    I came when he said that.

  • Tension, Relevance, Unrealism = TRU – I would add an E on the end for EVIL
    Horror = Tension, Relevance, Unrealism, Evil = True.

  • Nice, thought provoking summation. I'll be watching this one again. Nice work!

  • The love for scarlette is showing

  • Well, I'm delighted to see you've made a video on the psychology of horror. If you can spare to waste 7 mins, please watch my short Psychosis and give me your thoughts? 🙂

  • I understand and appreciate when you say that film is the ultimate art form as it combines many others and almost resembles dreaming, but what about video games? They are the same but also an interactive experience, which makes them resemble dreaming even more

  • This is the BEST video I´ve seen in years. It´s so clear and useful, impressive. The final phrase is unbeatable!

  • Came here after the conjuring 2

  • I lost it when you started showing Scarlett Johanson.

  • smoothly put together, nice flow on effect and educational

  • Nice explanation and cross-referencing of studies, but I really hoped you would have mentioned something about ghosts and apparitions – how they represent death. You touched the topic a bit, but not in its entirety. Additionally, there are horror movies my friends and I enjoy (horror-psychological with ghosts), but not other horror movies such as splatter. It would be interesting if you accumulated some information on that (or scratch that, if I have these questions, I should be the one to look it up :)).
    Good job, by the way.

  • 11:41 that's videogames, everything a film has + control

  • I love this guy!

  • Way he said "erotica" made me very uncomfortable. lol

  • This video is actually pretty encouraging

  • Thanks! Making a scary video, going to use this advice.

  • Says "Dracula". Shows Edward Cullen. LOL!

  • This guy really is a terrific presenter and has some great ideas (assuming he wrote and researched the content too!). Definitely would go if he did a lecture tour

  • please comeback!!!!

  • Well i prefere 2 hours with a good book like "crime and punnishement", yale open course, or philosophy article. I think if i have to choose were tu put my money : experimenting with taste in fast foods or restaurants i choose restaurants. Nevertheless i liked the video. Thumbs up.

  • Yep, you got a bad case of Scarlett fever… 🙂

  • fear of the dark
    high levels of tension greatest of horrors appeal

    purge their negative emotions
    violent scnenes
    scary stories

    horror exist outside – normal behavior
    neon carroll

  • I love how this video explains why we fear what we as humans tend to well fear basically but no one makes videos about why most people I'm one of them fear the supernatural or paranormal?? come on YouTube you gotta have a scientific education video on fear of the unknown. as they say people fear what they do not understand

  • Entertaining and informative!

  • have to do this for work :/

  • Applause. This is amazing. I've followed this channel for a year or so, I'm disappointed I just discovered this one today.

  • Mother is part of hartwarming film part of security and guardian ship. Betray may be fear which is depicted not just by a molesting mother but abusive fathers. " let your boyfriend lead you through a haunted house, lol.

  • tension – created through mystery suspense gore terror or shock
    + straight forward elements of horror
    – the craft and technique of filmmaking

  • I've been researching horror – this is the first time I've found something that wasn't just nonsense. THANK YOU for this! Subscribing!

  • I thought this guy was onto something until he said violent movies make ppl more agressive. Maybe that applies to stupid or impressionable ppl but i've seen many view a violent movie and do nothing violent as a result. Hard to take the remaining presentation seriously which is a shame, it seemed well made

  • great video. you seem like a really chill guy

  • Ultimate artistic medium devised by man? That would be video games, but movies are a close second.

    Still, great video, as always.

  • Fear is certainly the most primal emotion. Hearing a story about something you and others fear, and the person that went through it is still alive, imparts information on how to survive that situation when confronted by something so feared. The feeling is so powerful because all living things are most alive when their very life is in danger. Riding the scariest amusement park rides gets one as close to that feeling as is possible while still remaining entirely safe. Skydiving, wingsuiting, rock climbing. People do all these things and watch movies that instill fear in them because it pushes you closer to feeling alive. Like being in war where your life is threatened at every moment.

    Filmmaker IQ is a great series on film making for sure. You guys go through all of it in detail. Love the videos.

  • Like a rollercoaster. You won't die but anticipating the free fall is… uhm… enjoyable?

  • Loved this one John, Thank You. FilmmakerIQ is awesome

  • The Filmmaker IQ videos are great!

    They are not filled with tons of different effects; John slides down, John slides in from the right and scales up and down. He wears a red shirt. There is a red frame with white letters and a little whoosh sound – and that's about that! 🙂

    No teenager gone crazy in a PowerPoint candy store raid!

    One thing that makes these videos really stand out from the masses though is, that there is no background music! 🙂

    (Many YouTube videos have background music that, at times, almost drown the sound of the speaker)

  • RMF

    There has to be phenomenal effort going into these videos. These are almost better than university lectures.

  • I avoided this video for a couple weeks while watching many others from Filmmaker IQ because I thought it would be uninteresting. Wow, I was so wrong!

  • This guy is fucking incredible

  • You might have a thing for Scarlett Johansson

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