The Psychology of Obesity and Weight Loss. (Live)

The Psychology of Obesity and Weight Loss. (Live)

Today I give my thoughts on the psychological issues I and many others have when they lose a lot of weight. This is just my opinion and welcome open discussion on the issue as I have not explored it fully. This is my Patreon only Live Stream.

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October 20, 2017 / 18 Comments / by / in
  • Concerning your image dysphoria lose the beard. It helps quite a bit. Maybe it is just the change itself but whatever, try it. It will grow back if you hate it.

  • Scott big one this man .i really hope you can help on this .im 62 type 2 .belly fat .im now 3 weeks on keto no more than 15 carbs a day so far .my blood glucose is not moving down in mornings .its 200 most mornings .im also 16 hour fasting every day .1 how can this be ? 2 can i get into keto at all with bg like that .3 what the fuck can i do ? Cheers man .free holiday in my house in northern thailand for you anytime man .your biggest fan .tom .

  • These medicines advertised on tv are getting ridiculous…"Take Qfucqya to control your appetite! Disclaimer: May cause thoughts of suicide….some have experienced bleeding out the asshole……discontinue Qfucqya if you start having a grabber." and people out of desperation will try this shit!

  • So true scott! I only notice changes when i see 6+ months old pics. F'n human brain hehe. Thats why its so important to keep the metrics and photos week to week. I can't stop my self from checking the scale everyday, but also know what matters is the average over time. Nice to see someone talking about this! Cheers!

  • I'm one of the millenials who loves your channel! I'm a 24 year old wife and mom, and I listen you you while doing chores around the house. I've learned so much! Been watching for a while, but just started keto. Lost 16 lbs on keto/IF so far.

  • Hey Scott apparently obesity apparently is not only because of what we consume but also environmental influences. Have you checked dr Jack kruse's take on the influence of blue light and emf exposure?

  • Hi All,,,help needed,,I lost 22 lb's doing Keto but including veg/salad,,,Sat/Sun waterfast,,,Tues/Thurs ADF,,,all this in 8 weeks I'm now up to week 12 and over last week weight started creeping up,,,has anyone else had a plateau on there journey and found a way to overcome it,,,any help/advice appreciated,,,,,many Thanx,,

  • Brilliant vid,,,. Thoroughly enjoyable and watching this on Saturday,,, yes you look lot's healthier now than your earliest vid's,,,, "you gotta wear a Father Xmas outfit for xmas vid" Thanx for a great vid,,,

  • Saw my physio,,as have two bad disc's in back ,,,he noticed my 22lb weight loss and said that should be good for my back,,,Thanx to this channel,,,if you hold the weights in pure iron in your hands equal to poundage you lost then you really realise how far you have come and though I have hit a plateau,still happy that I got this far and just need to somehow break this plateau,,,,,,,,,,

  • And the key takeaway from this video is, "Chances are, you're not that unicorn, motherfuckers!"

  • I am working on my excuse for tomorrow. Have a religious celebration with over 50 ppl and I know there will be carbs. I have my Zuma powder and my Atkins Endulge snacks for emergencies. I won't be fasting until 5pm when it ends but it is a great excuse. Now if they have cheese, I'll be a cheese eating mother fucker and won't need the excuse. My religion (I'm a Baha'i) is big on fasting and not having sugar but they love bread and pasta and fruit so it is a mind field. I'm prepped though. I needed this video. Thanks, Scott. Only restarted keto after several months 4 days ago and already my plateau has stopped and my waist is down to 31" woohoo!

  • As far as image goes, I still see "fat me". I have to obsess over before and afters before I see it. I'm having to be really careful because I am at risk for eventual anorexia. Not near it physically (27% body fat) but mentally I can feel it developing. It is really hard when you have people telling you how great you look but you look in the mirror and you don't see it. That is something I will be keeping a close eye on definitely. With my anxiety / depression and my obsessive/addictive personality, I have to really watch it.

  • Shared this video with my son because he eats to much sugar thank you like always Scott.

  • Warning(s), bit of a TMI post, for you prudish types.
    Also, the last sentence of my post contains a spoiler for the end of this video

    I'm actually glad I didn't discover fasting in high school.
    A lot of girls back then told me "you'd be hot, if you lost weight".

    If I had been thin and had nice clear skin, and was generally considered attractive, I'd probably have about 7 S.T.D.s and 9 kids, by now, ha ha.

    I had a lot of casual hooks-ups as a chubby dude with zits.

    Could only imagine how much filth i would've got up to, if all those chicks who told me they'd be into me if i wasn't fat, were serious.

    Also, love the Ferris Bueller joke.

  • Did you say that you are down to 186 lbs, con grats. I have not seen that since 1988! I will see it again. Only 60 lbs left after dropping 63 lbs.

  • I am from California and We got this low fat/vegan bull$#!t 50 years ago, but we also had fasting with it. The fasting is a hard sell, but we must keep it up, because it is the way we lived.

  • Hi Don,,, Hope your week's going well,,,got some advice now and changing few things ie cutting out dairy,bacon,corn beef,spam and treat meal for a bit and try to add some more movement if back allows,so yeah should work,,,,but cheers for comment,,,,

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