The psychology of narcissism – W. Keith Campbell

The psychology of narcissism – W. Keith Campbell

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Narcissism isn’t just a personality type that shows up in advice columns; it’s actually a set of traits classified and studied by psychologists. But what causes it? And can narcissists improve on their negative traits? W. Keith Campbell describes the psychology behind the elevated and sometimes detrimental self-involvement of narcissists.

Lesson by W. Keith Campbell, animation by TOGETHER.


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  • Can you do inferiority-superiority complex?

  • The first person I remembered was my Ex

  • "Its like a disease where the sufferers feel pretty good, but the people around them suffer."

    Sounds like my family😅

  • I should be treated like a VIP and get money and free food but hey I'm not a narcissist

  • #shared i can relate so much to this, since i have a extremely narcissistic "family member"

  • npd sounds exactly like my mom

  • That's not true, I'm nothing like that.

  • Would have watched but you put trump up there you liberals are all nazis

  • I'm 12, but I legit think I am narcissistic!

  • Literally me

  • Believe it or not, the narc I am dealing with (No contact atm) is slurping my energy through a telepathic bond. I am battling with this everyday till it's over (I'm on the winningside thank God) and then I'll be finally normal again. I became very psychotic because of this, for my survivaldrift has gone through the roof. In my youth he controlled me entirely like a puppet on a string. Very MK-ULTRA like. Most narcissistic people are extremely dangerous in a godless way. They're dangeorus as in Jack Nicholson-in-The-Shining dangerous.

  • My father in a nutshell.

  • Trump…


  • Zarna Joshi falls under this category.

  • Nice video!

  • I love this channel. I learn a lot.

  • うちの父がこれ。本物の異常者で甘えが服着て歩いてるような生き物。早く死んで欲しい。

  • Donald Trump !!!!!!!!!

  • Trump

  • Darksydephil

  • Hey random people scrolling through the comments…..I hope you know you are beautiful….have a good night/day…..

  • I genuinely think my sister is a vulnerable narcissist

  • The first person I thought of…Donald Trump!!!!

  • The hardest truth to accept is the truth about oneself.

  • I disagree with the part about narcissist being able to change. They never change, only get worst. Don't make people think that there is even a slight chance of them becoming better people because they never will be and victims have to realize this so your video is misleading.

  • No proof social media is linked to narcissism?!…are you serious?! C'mon look at your own chart and see how drastically it has grown over the years. Social media without a doubt doubled and tripled the narcissism behavior if not encouraged more to participate or even become a new narcissist

  • Lol the most toxic personality, oh you forgot people in their 20s and 30s as well. Those are big narcissistic years

  • I can't be narcasistic I know in way to hot intelligent , important, nice and generous, successfull and impressive to be one.

  • cough cough Trump. No, seriously!

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  • "I'm so good, I scream out my own name!"😋

  • Narcissists are abusers

  • clinton to a T

  • I always thought I was MD but turns out i was unconsciously a snake in the grass begging for attention to feel validated in order to boost my ego I have a 4.0 gpa and I hate it because it's not enough wtf is wrong with me

  • Wouldn't this include every single celebrity ever

  • Why bother about narcissism when you can get 3.25M views for a 5 mins long video. Great job keep up. (I know its an old video)

  • 2:18

    lol what a cuck

  • This video should of just had Kanye West in the thumbnail

  • The psychology of my mother.

  • nung pinagaralan q behavior ni dion ang nakita q s kania ay mahina ang self esteem nia.wl xang confidence s sarili.kc nung opening ng resto nmen ngpakain xa at ngpainom e.magkakaharap kme nun.tpos npancn q n madali xa utuin khit ng mga staff nia lang bst svhn xa n pogi xa tuwang tuwa xa.tpos npncn q may kainuman xa alam q n inuuto lang xa kc may pinakilala s kania ung kainuman nia nung svhin ng kainuman nia n magaling yan kaibigan q n yan prang may ngboost s confidence nia kc ngchest out kagad xa.kaya nga prang gusto q sapakin un kainuman nia kc obviously inuuto lang ky khit ung mga tao nia n inuuto xa n pogi xa pr lang mgpalabas p xa ng inuman e gusto q pagssapakin.alam q pogi xa pro nd tama n ginagawa s kania khit aq alam q n brave xa kaso ung mga kaharap nia alam n wl xa confidence ky dinadaan nl s panguuto s nga ayoko n nun n mwala aq s duty q n pang gabi kc twing gabi xa pumupunta at gusto q mbantayan xa

  • s tingin q kay dion nd xa nilagay s pedestral ng parents nia at inadore nung bata xa.ang tingin q s kania ay minamaliit xa nung bata xa at wlang naniniwala s braveness nia ky wl xa self esteem.may mga tao n nd nl naovercome ung pangdedegrade s kakayahan nl ky ung iba ay nwawalan ng self steem at confidence ky konti papuri lang ay nauuto n cl ng mga tao at naaaya cl n mkijoin s anu mang gawain ng nd n nl ginagamit ang mind s tingin q ay nd naovercome ni dion ung mga nranasan nia nung bata nga ang tanging nkikita q n mgbibigay s kania ng confidence at self steem ay ang mgawa nia n mkaharap aq.kc I'm a big challenge s kania.ewan q kung may nkapancn n utak nia ang nchallenge ng todo pro tlgang ky p din nia mgicp.kung wl lang hindrance n may mga gumugulo s utak nia at wl lang xang mga problema nung nkilala nia aq ky ni dion wasakin ang program ng utak q.kaso madame xang baggage ky nd nia ky mkipgsabayan sken at ung mga baggage nia tlg ang kung mgawa na aq mkaharap mgkakaconfidence n xa

  • npakagwapo ni dion at kitang kita n npakatalino nia s itsura plang at stand alam q n wl xang self steem at self confidence.nkita q kung panu xa utuin ng mga tao ky alam q n mdali xang maaaya ng khit n cnu s paggwa ng masama pr lang mgkaroon x ng confidence s srili khit poging pogi aq s kania nd q pinakita n laglag salawal aq s kapogian nia dhil ayoko n utuin xa.kailangan mkita nia ang confidence nia s sarili nia ng nd n xa mauuto ng khit n cnu at nd n xa maaya s paggwa ng nga dpt mgawa nia n mkaharap aq at makausap kc un ang isa din s khinaan nia

  • pg nkduty nga aq at bigla dumating c dion nglalagay n aq ng perdible s pants q dhil bigla nalalaglag pants q s kagwapuhan ni dpt I know how to control at handle myself.dhil alam q n if I surrender s kania dhil lang s love at kagwapuhan nia nd xa mkakalabas s kinalalagyan niang kdiliman dhil mcocontrol n nia yan nsama s mga maling gawain dhil nghanap xa kung panu xa mgkconfidence s sarili nia at nauto xa ng mga maling tao ky npasama xa s mga maling ung sket nmn nia n nkita q n pgkabalisa nia at mild mental disorder lang un cause of depression and anxiety.kc nga nd nia gusto ung mga maling ngawa nia.

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