The Psychology Of Men In Modern Relationships

The Psychology Of Men In Modern Relationships

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  • This is really good advice for landing a needy beta male you won't be attracted to and will eventually divorce & take half his stuff.  Quality men will generally recognize when sex is being used to manipulate them instead of to fulfill the woman's desires and he will give you a "next".

    Also…."literally".  I literally think you're using that word for the exact opposite of what it literally means literally every single time you say it.

  • Speak for yourself David!
    Dogs don't excel in Engineering; men do.
    Dogs don't write poetry; men do.
    Dogs don't write good rock songs; men do.
    Dogs don't erect buldings, men do.
    Dogs don't fix cars; men do.
    Dogs don't fix plumbing; men do.
    Ladies: just give men credit for the good they do in this world, recognize their brains and creativity, and maybe you'll land a guy. Give them their props, Not this b.s.

  • Lol! Very intriguing. Love the presentation. Stumbled unto your sight by accident and it's actually been informative. I can see you actually helping alot of women out there.

  • hahahaha white knight power!

  • I don't know how that's an average dog, but ok.

  • Men are dogs, but how you go about explaining this is ridiculously bad. If you're a women reading this take everything you heard with a grain of salt or an exaggeration.

  • You're so funny you need to do standup lol! Great video yet again!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA :') this is so true

  • OMG, it's so true and I can't stop laughing. 😄😄😄😄😍😍😘

  • I find its so cute, you were explaining while a guy behind held a board, so cute lol

  • I find its so cute, you were explaining while a guy behind held a board, so cute lol

  • men need to be trained like dogs: stay, bad dog, good dog
    good dog begins to use his brain

  • LOL

  • Joanna Davila would confirm this to be absolutely idiotic
    One more reason not to believe all that you see.
    Funny thought

  • Lol exactly men are puppies!!!! The make gender is too funny!!!!… The female gender must always train these poor mutts

  • David Wygant much love & respect. You're forcing me away from my comfort zone into embracing my appeal & qualities. 🙂

  • Is this applicable for "older bad dogs"? I.e., "You can't teach an old dog new tricks"?

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  • Sooo funny and true

  • I literally had to pee due to laughter issues lol

  • 😅😂😂😂 it's true!!

  • I remember my ex bought me $700 worth of stuff. I said, "Thank you!" He was like I don't want a thank you I want some appreciation. he was like I was some pussy. now I really see why he felt tht way.. um if you want pussy you need to be nice buying all tht stuff didn't make me happy… guys are stupid. you have to be nice and take care of certain things…

  • I like flowers and balloons? RREEAALLYY?

  • Please do not raise your sons to accept this behavior from the women they date. We don't need any more white knight cucks than there already are.

  • is it me or he see himself as undominant stupid dog

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  • I loved this video, you're a great teacher. As Einstein stated, " If one can't explain it simply, one doesn't understand it well enough." FYI, loved the art ha.

  • this is not psychology that's for sure.

  • A beta in a shmedium calling men dogs LMAO!

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  • I love this video so simple and easy

  • Too funny but usually the dogs I've dated don't want to stay or even hear they are bad 😂

  • ok. can you teach an old dog new tricks?

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  • This is funny and relatable just as good as any number one show on any network. He said mushroom cap. I'm so dead!

  • Dogs are better than man does cuz they r loyal🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • love this video!

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  • I feel sympathy towards the guy who is holding the board. You can put it on a holder or

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  • How does the guy holding the board not bust out laughing

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