The Psychology of Love

The Psychology of Love

Dr. Frank Conner presents “The Psychology of Love: Do Opposites Attract or Do Birds of a Feather Flock Together?” as part of the 2009-2010 Psychology Lecture Series.


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  • Majority of some ppl in society usually complies with another mate of the same eye colors'.!

  • Attractiveness: Um no other ppl may say he , or she is attractive, but another percentage may dis agree.! Ppl majority of girls , females grown up te be attracted te Pretty vibrants.! While boys, and guys' grown up te be prepared for any thing.!

  • The famous ppl is appealing case of their entertainment era had made them rich, and therefore they can afford te be who they believe is attractive, and appealing.!

  • It all makes sense now. I don't assimilate with people because I'm the most attractive.

  • This guy is the real deal

  • Interaction does not increase attraction for women, they like fantasizing about strangers more than people they know.

  • This is enlighten …..

  • Lol this dude has no idea what he is talking he has no clue what love is rofl.
    He just just stating random observations he feels involves love.
    dumb $50,000 into a paper and still knows nothing, rofl.

  • nothing new

  • Thank you..

  • looks are all that matter. everything else is bullshit.

  • For people to understand. 70% of love is physical appearance alone. Forget the personality even exists. 70% is looks and that is it. What he is talking about is the the other 30%. And he does a great job at it. It's sad that the human mind is so attracted to the human body rather then the personality.

  • knowledge source , quality based lecture.

  • One -sided love….empty.

  • my right ear disliked this video

  • This man is very easy to listen to – thank you, great lecture!

  • There were points I would argue, but overall I think this is a great lecture, Im sorry so many people fee that having a negative comment is any more intelligent than a professional speaker. Im not sure he reason why people attack other like this but its childish, this man did nothing wrong but record a video and to see some of the comments… immature. Theres a respectful way to dispute an opinion and a down right ignorant way. some of yall just showed your asses in here. smh

  • It's not playing in my right ear either.

  • Love isn't Real.

  • guys mostly only care about looks.

  • zen

    Love can only be attained by overcoming your own inner demons first. There a many people waiting to be saved, the savior never comes and people will live their false empty mindprison life, without ever trying to step over their own fears. Love is the result of a peace of mind Are you ready to take your inner quest? Google TruthContest read the Present, it explains for the 1st time in history the real Truth about the nature of the mind and life in general. It is the key to overcome your controlling mind as a result/reward love will manifest.

  • All of this resonates with me. People that deny it are nothing more than "blue pill" thinkers. Looks matter and the only people who it is safe to say are NOT visual are the blind. Both sexes judge by looks first and foremost and looks can influence how you feel about and treat someone. Period.

  • Are you in love or you are in search of true love ?
    You can use this application to know the loving affinity.
    You will get your love result by answer to a simple questions

  • P H

    Limerence… Is the state of being infatuated with another person. Typically this infatuation is involuntary, there is a Strong requirement for reciprocation and validation one the limerent persons feelings. Generally, it's a non-sexual relationship. You should ask yourself why you're seeking validation from this particular individual? Limerence and love are two different things mainly the strong sense to find a validity. In love this finding validity is mutual but on limerence it's more one sided. This relates to attachment theory and other aspects of psychology that psychological relationship experts learn or those who deal with the relational aspects of society and groups. (Family, couples and even individuals who need help with these things).

  • So looks do matter to girls? Be honest please.

  • M P

    Holy fucking truth bombs from 25:00 onwards

  • male privilege go fuk yourself. the number of relationships where i have seen the woman abuse the male is way higher than the other way around u cunt.what about female privilege? what a total cunt

  • love call it what you want its just a matter of emotional attachment fueled by emotional dependency

  • I'm not in the class, but I want credit. How do I go about that?

  • Quote: "Love is a Trojan Horse" – The greatest best known autor who will sue your head off, if you use that phrase in your proffesional, private and public life. And after that he will torture your soul till the rest of your life and after that. Cheers.

  • This is an amazing lecture. Thanks a lot for uploading!

  • What if love was just an animal thing based on pheromones, purely biologically seen. Just throwing out here. To me love between man and woman is magic, and shouldn't be defined. It's so special it can't be defined by mere words… But biologists explain everything through chemicals and hormones. It's a mystery with every person, and always different.

  • Character and mature love.

  • "I do not believe in the existence of what is called love!"
    Lord Byron  ( 22 January, 1788 – 19 April, 1824 )
    English Poet and Politician

  • I have my degree in psychology. I love these videos😀

  • Great teacher. So likable. What is the name of this professor?

  • avoidant lul

  • 3939

  • if five years is the maxx woah wants to put their self through that much mjckj for five half as years ?

  • Okay… so if you grew up abused, how do you rewire your attraction to not sabotage yourself?

  • bestfriends love don't exist anymore it used to be a long time ago but not anymore.

  • wtf is wrong wih ny right earphone?

  • It's balance between harmony of spirits & personality ❤️❤️

  • Thank you for this talk I got a lot out of it.

    Regards Sean

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