The Psychology of Human Misjudgement – Charlie Munger Full Speech

The Psychology of Human Misjudgement – Charlie Munger Full Speech

“Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Rober Cialdini”
“Poor Charlie’s Almanack Expanded Third Edition”

Audio of the often referred to speech by Charlie Munger on the psychology
of human misjudgement given to an audience at Harvard University circa Jun 1995.
Mr. Munger speaks about the framework for decision making and the
factors contributing to misjudgements. c. Jun 1, 1995

Full text of speech “The Psychology of Human Misjudgement” by Charlie Munger


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  • Buffett and Munger have spent so much time together that they sound amazingly alike.

  • To a man with a hammer every problem looks like a nail

  • I bet he has a big dick

  • Tai Lopez brought me here

  • what is the name of the book in 20:06 please?

  • He was talking about the lollapalooza effect at 23 minutes in. You had reciprocal, commitment consistency, and authority bias.

  • Charlie Munger is my hero.

  • All in all, this was a phenomenal speech by Charlie Munger.

  • he speaks the same

  • Poor Charlie's Alamanac Brought me here. Wow this man is a genius. This generations Ben Franklin

  • Wow!

  • Amazing knowledge, very eloquently presented, these are the kind of classes we should be having in school!

  • a little confused but he's a great story teller

  • He crafted this to keep his prole workers in line. Do as I say not as I do.
    Harvard is played out.

  • haha he's nuts

  • Anyone from the great country of Texas? in SA possibly?

  • A true intellect. A man after my own heart.

  • Perhaps I am in a bad mood, though in my opinion; Cialdini's book seems no more than cheap sales tatics, as well as exploitation methods of the vunerable.

    It doesn't flow well between narratives either. I will read it a second time, then make up my mind..

  • He's a maniac, maniac on the dancefloor……..

  • When you spiral out of control, you'll look for anything to make you whole. So find some time so sit and think and you might avoid that swampy stink.

  • what book does he recommend from a "Seal Dini" or "Eldini" or whatnot @ 20:05?

  • let's keep this a secret.

  • I cannot win, he never blinks.

  • Incredible talk with great examples. I just order a copy of the book.

  • Amazing – have watched this 3 times now and so much more to learn. And to the 96 idiots who didn't like it, try 1 more time unless you want to work at the minimum wage for the rest of your life….

  • the sound of the mic gives me such a headache

  • What was the book he recommended? I couldn't hear. Was it the Rober Cialdini book that's in the description?

  • "chal"-dini

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