The psychology of Henry VIII

The psychology of Henry VIII

A range of Tudor historians discuss the psychlogy of Henry VIII: insecure, tyrannical, generous, egotistical, cultured, sporting ?


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  • @ompenarnie She's an academic historian. Don't be so jealous

  • I think you are reading into what that actually says. To me, the person who wrote that is simply recognizing that to produce a child it requires sperm.

  • And in Proverbs it speaks about Jesus Christ(when he was still in Heaven and known as Michael) how he created (through the power of his Father YHWH or in English; Jehovah) and mentions the fountains in the deep part of the ocean which science only discovered late last century. Prophesies from the Christian Greek scriptures about the time of the end are also coming true.

  • No, it does not prove anything. It's not like getting kissed can get you pregnant, and that doesn't prove that it's the male's genes that *directly influence* the sex of the child. I agree with barbhorses, that only says that to produce a child, you need sperm. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. Nice try, though.

  • aren't u the most most funniest person her? first thing is that am not a christian but i just need to defend christianity and henry here…..henry didn't kill ALL his wives (only 2 and it was kind of necessary in those times considering the things his wives have done,even though i love anne boleyn)…..he blamed them not coz they didn't produce male children but coz they didn't give him ANY healthy children at all and QURAN is not superior to anything nor is bible…no religious preeching here

  • And yet Islam says that a woman's testimonial is worth half of a man's, that men are allowed to beat their wives, and that it is fine to marry a 6 year old girl and have sex with her when she is 9.

  • Do you have any credible research to back up those claims? Oh and by the way, Mohammed did marry Aisha when she was 6. Do you even read the hadith?
    Sahih Bukhari Vol7 Book 62 # 64
    Narrated Aisha: that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death).

  • Unfortunately, like so many posting threads, this one has veered away from the topic. The video is about Henry VIII. Somehow it spun around to religions , who got married when, etc.etc.

  • The Plantagenets had a lawful claim to the throne…Henry beheaded the last of them…!!! All his characteristics are resonate to those of a first rate NARCISSIST.!!!

  • Makes one wonder, what these historians would make of the theory that, in addition to the injured leg, Henry got a brain damage that influenced his behaviour in its turn.

  • Whateverman181 It seems to me that you know nothing about Henry VIII or any king of England for that matter. King John Plantagenet was far worse then Henry. Comparing Henry to Adolf Hitler shows that you are not only ignorant and disrespectful but it shows how stupid you are. BTW Henry's sister Margaret is my 16th maternal Grandmother. He is my blood SO BACK OFF!!

  • They (The Plantagenets) definitely did. But Henry VIII wasn't the only one that did what he could to keep himself in power. The Tudors had a weaker claim to the throne and Henry VII did his part in taking them out and Yorkists to keep his throne. But in Henry VIII's case it was also out of revenge from the scathing paper Cardinal Reginald Pole wrote about his religious policies (and because Henry VIII couldn't touch him due to his exile). He even tried (and failed) with having Pole assassinated.

  • susannagh marry me

  • WTF? Henry's wives didn't give him any healthy children? That is absolutely a false statement. His daughters Mary and Elizabeth were all healthy, and although he died young his son Edward was healthy. Edwards health failed in his late teens before he died, probably from TB. He most certainly DID blame Catherine and Anne for not producing a male heir. Catherine was divorced and exhiled, Anne was executed on trumped up treason charges and.Katherine Howard was executed for adultery

  • WHILE i appreciate her presents amongst you're experts on the passed i wonder who's idea it wasith and if you would apprise them of my appraisal if it doesn't open a box of pandoras

  • When I saw the title I just went: Not too well

  • I have to agree that Henry VIII was insecure.. at the times of the Tudors, I can understand why. On the other hand, he may have been narccissitic. Modern psychology, he may have suffered from the Odipus complex.

  • he was a woman hater, pig a murder a piece of shit he was a lunatic a robber and the devil him self what they are talk here is all LIES and FALSE .

  • Yes, looking at your reaction I can see how you are a more academic reliable source. They aren't absolving him, they are explaining why he thought the way he thought. No man is history is purposely evil or malicious, there's always a way of thinking, a reason behind it.

  • He was a madman. The people he should have trusted he killed. Sorry having Royal blood does not bring you closer to God.

  • Everybody has a dark side. That's why dictatorship has never been a good idea. Most people also have a conscience but the longer you stay in power the more you forget about that.

  • To sum it all up, he was a big time narcissistic sociopath who had to have everything his way….

  • Turn up the volume…………..

  • M J

    He was a serial killer.

  • If he had been a football fan his team would have been millwall 😅

  • Yes, idiot, kill your Wife because she had a daughter

  • I feel sorry for henry as he never got he wanted – an he was meant to be KING !

  • Henry the 8th was almost a typical cancerian

  • if a women doesn't doesn't give u a son try another n another 'til u get one or two or more bcz as even every idiot knows only a man can b king!!

  • That Thomas Cromwell was a historically important figure is beyond doubt; that he should serve as the sympathetic hero of a novel is more surprising. There was nothing remotely glamorous or romantic in his person. Even the painter Hans Holbein could not pretend that he was handsome. In Holbein’s great portraits Thomas More fairly glows with a deep thoughtfulness; Erasmus focuses his quicksilver wit and ironic intelligence on the quill pen poised above the sheet of paper; but jowly Cromwell, his mouth set in a hard scowl, clutches a piece of paper like a dagger and looks out at the world through wary, piggish eyes.

  • Henry killed almost everyone he loved.

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