The Psychology of Hate Crime Hoaxes

The Psychology of Hate Crime Hoaxes

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance analyzes recent hate crime hoaxes and describes both what hoaxers hope to gain from fake hate crimes and the psychological need whites have to denounce “hatred” and “racism.” Mr. Taylor also introduces the AmRen Hate Crime Hoax Map–a searchable interactive map of all hate hoaxes since June 2015.

Hate Hoax Map:




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  • 3:27 Black Trigglypuff & Mopguy

  • Colleges are great at "Not Making The Black Kids Angry".

  • Today censored me multiple times for saying just what they and Jared Taylor are saying. They deleted my comments to a thread there over and over, just for saying what they were saying, just like PC Leftists would do. So Jared Taylor and Amren are fucking leftists liars and total fucking pieces of shit! Burn in fucking Hell Jared Taylor and Amren!!!! You are fucking leftist traitors and liars!!!! Jared you are a fucking despicable piece of fucking leftist shit!!!! BURN IN FUCKING HELL YOU STINKING RACE TRAITOR!!!!!

  • Damn whhhite people lol

  • KKK you fucking nigger apes!!!!!!

  • Whites need to start putting up white hate signs.

  • Fuck Twitter for banning Jared!!

  • 13% of the US population, 90% of the problems.

  • All whites watch Colin flaherty you tube channel. It’s awesome. Trust me.

  • I'm black. what am I supposed to do with this knowledge? Knowing this puts me in an uncomfortable position…

  • Jared Taylor and Pat Condell.Brilliant minds…..

  • I am an American of Cambodian ancestry and i love Jared Taylor's mind !!

  • I can't wait for Welfare reform so the second civil war can begin!

  • Well we have to coddle the blacks because they can't do anything on they're own…says the democrats…i can never understand the weakness of the blacks…how do they not understand that democrats are the absolute fact that's holding them back?

  • Low IQ minorities love to hate whitey

  • I'm a Nordicist.

  • i just saw another obvious hoax by a mexican woman in new york that "almost got punched" by a white supremacist selling trump buttons and maga hats. she rolled her eyes at him and he raised his fist… thats it. but she was so upset by the violent racist trump supporter, in spite of her obnoxiously rude gesture upon seeing an older white man selling trump gear that she went and made a viral video about it. fortunately is seemed as though most ppl saw through it and told her how stupid she is, mostly other mexican women btw.

  • "Hawight people" -Jared Taylor <3

  • A culture of scapegoating, suspicion, and persecution of whites is a "culture of dignity and respect" apparently.

  • Thanka god for Amren..

  • That is a great tool! Will you be populating the map with future events as well? Just read on the page that they will be added. Thanks!

  • Most racist in USA are African Negroes & Jews who work side by side committing racist HATE CRIMES against Caucasions & Christians. Jews will go back to Israel & Niggs back to Africa after they destroy the USA thru their violence, riots & HATE CRIMES. They hate Caucasions because they're jealous of us! We're more intelligent, good looking, athletic, predominantly Christians & only Caucasions go out of their way to help & rescue others during calamities. U won't see any Jews or Niggs helping Whites! They're out to destroy the White race!

  • This Gentleman tells nothing but the truth.I'm a big fan.

  • Jews use political correctness to psychologically exploit Whites' weakness of virtue signaling. And with Jews' control of media, banking, politics, and scholastics, Whites are being forced to comply.

  • People who fabricate hate crimes should be charged with inciting racial hatred and defamation of character.

  • White America needs to wake the hell up.

  • Jews taught the blacks their tricks it looks like.

  • This politically correct lust for victimization is like a national sport. Minorities and other groups have figured out that white Liberals are so eager to announce they aren't racists and willing to point out how other whites are that the mere suggestion whether phony or not is irresistable.

  • Why do White liberals hate White people? I’m glad I have no kids, I hate the thought of sending them off to some creepy liberal college. I’m glad I went to technical school where it’s more politically neutral.

  • The reason why the leftist establishment and their protegees hate huwytes so much is actually very simple. They're marxists. They worship mediocrity and hate excellence with a passion – and they're internationalists. On an international (and national, in "diverse" countries) level, huwytes excel at everything, even compared to Asians. Huwytes were the ones who have conquered the entire world, after all, even though the starting conditions didn't favor huwytes at all (Europe is quite an infertile land compared to Sub-Saharan Africa, large parts of Asia and America). The leftist establishment hates huwytes because huwytes symbolise meritocracy, discipline and order. Their non-huwyte protegees on the other hand hate huwytes because they're envious. So in the end, huwytes are "evil" because they're above-average. You know what? Fuck the bolshevists! Why should we feel sorry for our ancestors conquering the entire world and all the others bowing to them? We should be proud of it instead! Our ancestors were victors not victims!

  • Went to my Veterinarian today a Vet tech was in from London on Vacation, she is going to Vet school in England. She tells me her friend who is attending the Vet school at NC State is frustrated because in her first year they are studying DIVERSITY and entry into the Vet school is based on race and meeting diversity goals rather than ability. Just another example.

  • That black at the Air Force academy needs to fuck off.

  • Its the jews who do this

  • The military cannot be trusted anymore. They are all about "diversity" and browning the ranks. After all, it's the only right thing to do when it's ran by those who hate white America such as this self hating white Air Force general.

  • Don't forget about finding nooses at the African American museum in dc. that area has tons of video cameras but no image or description of the person or persons who left it there.

  • I am so sick of black people getting treated like they are something special, they cause their own problems, white people should be taking their kids out of these places if its like that and find another school to go to.

  • Alles Gute in neuem Jahr!

  • Absolutely fantastic video. I live directly behind Eastern Michigan University. All this b.s. is becoming too much.

  • Haha love u bro keep red pilling….happy New Year

  • 🎓
    😲 I have a phd in retard!

  • "Regardless of the circumstances under which these words were written, they were written"

    That's like saying regardless of the fact that a wife claiming her husband physically abused her when it was self inflicted harm, she was harmed and we need to emphasize that abuse is wrong


  • every one of these leftists are willing to destroy the hand that feeds them…so what is it: jewish destruction of white intellectual ability via miscegenation (low quality brown sludge to rule over) or just another impressive species going the way of the t rex or megalodon as a natural shift to lesser versions?

  • every one of these leftists are willing to destroy the hand that feeds them…so what is it: jewish destruction of white intellectual ability via miscegenation (low quality brown sludge to rule over) or just another impressive species going the way of the t rex or megalodon as a natural shift to lesser versions?

  • This guy rules.

  • The Left can be bat shit stupid in jack stupid moves to make it look it's the Right doing it…
    Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • Time to export apartheid… and not the real apartheid (which was an Afro Brexit system), the HOLLYWOOD LETHAL WEAPON

  • This M.Fer is a IDIOT.

  • I wonder if they organize the marches at the campuses in order to see who doesn't show up….

  • I love you, Jared!!!😊😙

  • The brutal torture and murder of the Christiansens –  a young White couple in Knoxville TN –  by 4 black men was not a "hate crime" right ??  Whenever it's a White victim, it's just "a crime".  Just another example of Black privilege.

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