The Psychology of Envy and Social Justice

The Psychology of Envy and Social Justice

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Envy: A Theory of Social Behavior –
Egalitarian Envy: The Political Foundations of Social Justice –
In this video we examine the nature of envy, look at how politicians make use of this emotion to gain power, examine how attempts to enforce equality, or promote social justice, can exacerbate envy, and discuss why those afflicted by envy should, for their own well-being, strive to rid themselves of it.
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May 30, 2017 / 27 Comments / by / in
  • From Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra, conveying the idea that often "social justice" is a facade hiding an underlying envy that wants to destroy and gain power:

    "But, naturally, the tarantulas would have it differently. ‘That the world may become full of the storms of our revenge, let precisely that be called justice by us’ – thus they talk together.
    ‘We shall practise revenge and outrage against all who are not as we are’ – thus the tarantula-hearts promise themselves.
    ‘And “will to equality” – that itself shall henceforth be the name of virtue; and we shall raise outcry against everything that has power!’
    You preachers of equality, thus from you the tyrant-madness of impotence cries for ‘equality’: thus your most secret tyrant-appetite disguises itself in words of virtue.
    They resemble inspired men: but it is not the heart that inspires them – it is revenge. And when they become refined and cold, it is not their mind, it is their envy that makes them refined and cold.
    Revenge rings in all their complaints, a malevolence is in all their praise; and to be judge seems bliss to them.
    Mistrust all those who talk much about their justice! Truly, it is not only honey that their souls lack.
    And when they call themselves ‘the good and just’, do not forget that nothing is lacking to make them into Pharisees except – power!"
    ~ Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

  • This video claims that politicians use envy for political gain. But I would way that politicians are using indignation. When the ruling elite make the rules, the anger of the masses is just.

  • Envy, the deadliest of sins.

  • While the premise is good, the placement of gender, sexuality etc alongside conniving politicians make these seem easy and justfied targets for shallow SJW haters. Gender, sexual minorities are hardly 'envy inspiring' and they do not take away anyone's happiness. Justice for them actually reduces their misery, and adds to overall happiness of humanity.

  • Bro, way to use philosophy to shame a desire for a more just and equal society and misconstrue it as "envious". I think what you're trying to exalt here is greed – specifically that of the status quo to keep was they have

  • This is some neoliberal bullshit.

  • My parents were Civil Rights Marchers. My mother frequently said to me the Civil Rights Movement was NOT about being able to eat next to White People at a Lunch Counter – it was about being able to get Justice if she were RAPED.

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • covetousness…

  • never looked at other person and envied them if they know how to do something that I dont respect comes first and show me how you did that comes second envy is no where to be found. Of all the 7 sins lust is the only one that is hard to tame because it can if not abused bear visable positive fruit on many diffrent levels.Envy on the other hand is just pure destruction of one's own power and easy to swat away if one is not weak minded.

  • There is a thick line between useless and ineffective efforts to make society equal ( because it's not ), and to use the fraud of the monetary system to rob the vast majority of resources for yourself and leave the rest in misery, without proper education and basic conditions to thrive.
    Let natural selection do its part….the problem that we see today is wealth and income inequality caused by a fraud and robbery…..this is not natual selection, this is cheating.
    The claiming for "equality" that I support is the equality of opportunities or at least something near that. People are not the same and each of them have different talents and inclinations, but this is a natural selection role….not money, not fake privilege….not human shit.

  • I don't know how you can release a video on group psychology and propaganda; then still chalk the entire idea of "social justice" to have come from those who are envious. I do not believe that socialists are so politically inclined because they are "envious" of the rich; I do not believe that it as simple as "improving yourself" to drag countless people out of poverty.

  • Govt small, and maintaining the peoples agenda directly is EQUITY.
    The other equity is that all life deserves a chance to live in harmonious equitable pursuit of their dreams, and passions. Facts are facts and communities that recieve eqaul time for volunteerism, work, family, and community, do so of their own free will when given the basic means to live.
    The need as well most importantly is to causaulity recognition of it and our affecr on each other in arbitrary ways that are clearly detrimental too all life.
    IMHO these three demands are equitable,self ruling, and do not require authority to enact.
    Sad part is that the planet seems to wish its biosphere to dramatically change, hopefully we will indeed dismantle the idiocracy of insane jagaloons and proceed to logical equitable lifestyles?
    IMHO too lil to late.

  • i am guilty of this. there are certain people whom i have to really dig deep to redpect their success, for realization of inferior status.

  • such a good channel.

  • Ok, I was really liking a lot of your videos, but I have to disagree with what you're inferring here with regards to social justice.

    I'll admit that it's difficult to make distinctions between what should be categorized as indignation and what should be called envy, but the quest for social justice is not envy and the fight for social justice is not new. Televisions weren't around when Roman Plebians demanded representation in the senate nor was it around during the French Revolultion. It's very lofty and self righteous to assume that everyone who strives for social justice is envious and every politician who campaigns on it is a populous demagogue. When women and blacks in the US demanded the right to vote, they didn't have some sort of character flaw, they wanted equality in opportunity from a society which didn't provide that. As for the hypothetically envious slippery slope scenario which an "unnatural" (your words), more egalitarian society, might bring about, studies on hunter gatherer groups suggest the opposite. Hunter gatherer societies (the most "natural" societal type our species literally evolved to live in) are actually very egalitarian. I have seen no evidence of rampant envy in such societies.

    Anectdotally speaking, I always considered "envious" people to be those who get jealous and upset whenever someone does better than them. For example, coworkers who become upset when someone is promoted, or friends and family who become upset when someone they're close with comes into money. An ex lover who becomes upset that you are in a happy relationship is another example. These are very different imo from someone upset over an inequality in opportunity. Someone upset that someone else with a lower grade point average will have access to a significantly better education because of the family they were born into isn't envious, they are upset at a lack of opportunity (I can think of better examples, but this one is one I think is less likely to be contrived by contrarian commenters). In my opinion, a meritocritous society is, if anything, the cure to any rampant envy which may pollute the minds of a population. A society which rewards people based on their prestigious birth rather than the merit of their hard work is a society which breeds indignation, not envy.

  • Didn't you create a video on cultural Marxism? If not, can you?

  • I enjoyed the talk about envy but social justice is the right of all human beings. I do not believe people who were/are enslaved were envious because they wanted to be free.

  • I am lucky..due to the way my mind works ..brain damage..illness..whatever it is..I do not get envy. You are you and cannot be anyone else. That is how I see it. As for political and corporate using it to get ppl to do things and want what others have its been going on since Bernaise (frauds relative) introduced propaganda..the technology of today is crazy with it for sure. Interesting about enemies..I never thought I had any because I was nobody's enemy. Just was enlightened to the fact that I did have them a few years ago. It was quite upsetting. I still do not understand why. Or why anyone would ever be envious of me in any way. But it seems that is the case. Indignation etc. Yes I can see it in ppl I have known and in the comments of those I have never met. My mind cannot understand it. Indignation mostly as they have achieved their goal of bringing down my happiness sadly.

  • At 7:59 is what hit the nail on the head for me.

  • I've never felt envy, as far I can remember. I have a strong feeling tht there's a negative aspect to this. Idk if this video will shed any light tht, we'll see..

  • You are amazing. I have watched almost all of your videos over the past few days.

    Thank you for the days of work you put into the research and development for these videos!

    You’re collecting information that I’ve thought about for years, but your use of philosophers’ eloquence puts it better than I ever could. The amount of realizations I’ve been on the brink of that your work has helped me complete – I don’t have the words for it.

    I know you’re busy, but I’d love to chat with you sometime if you ever have the time. I’ve written a lot about this myself and I want to try to figure out how we can do something about this world.

    You are more than doing your part with your work, and if there’s ever any way I can help, let me know.

  • i'd be careful making too much of a mantra out of these ideas. a part of social justice warriorism is envy, sure, but we also should not ignore legitimate social issues by branding them all as envy, even if only for pragmatic reasons. let inequality spiral out of control and the world will burn – the philosophies of Nietsche and Jung and Solzhenitsyn be damned. no one wants to see that, so i advise we find some kind of compromise and leave the notions of utopia and idealized human nature on the sidelines.

  • Absolutely love these videos.

  • Advertising inn capitalism generates and exploits envy. Like envy of possessions and social status. We call it 'keeping up with the Joneses".

  • Thank you AOI! Now I realized all these years what has been holding me back: hanging around with envious *******s has stifled my pursuit of my goals (I know I don't have anyone to blame but myself, but in the end it's really up to me decide how to live my life and choose which direction). Lesson learned. Can't thank you enough, keep up the good work!

  • new moral order- "envy is a bad thing."
    One was born a black, a woman, now they should live their lives in the suffering instead of fighting for what they can achieve, because their fight is same as the struggle of the privileged to accumulate more privileges. 😀 enough bullshit!

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