The Psychology of Cinematography | Creating Cinematic Camera Movement

The Psychology of Cinematography | Creating Cinematic Camera Movement

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Photographer: Luis Trujillo

Model: Caryssa Ramirez

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February 16, 2015 / 22 Comments / by / in
  • really dope.. you're very talented. check out my latest video and my channel and i would appreciate advice and feedback from anyone.

  • it is fantastic that you can explain concepts in concise words!!! that's gold!

  • Julian loving your vids…Would love if your clear instructions were easier to hear over the music.
    Thanks keep it up

  • Genio, gracias!!

  • How do you get the "film stain/burn" it's on at the beginning of your video, also at 0:53. It's part of a package, like a plugin for FCPX? Hoping so! Please someone let me know 🙂

  • that Mr. Carmack tho

  • thanks man, this was really helpful

  • Always subconsciously thought this but to actually get it explained is great. Thanks man!

  • These are great! Please make more!!!!!

  • 7 years of filmmaking experience in just 5 hours!

  • What topics do you really want to learn about?
    Leave your topics and questions in the comments below!

  • Is it weird that I'm starting to get obsessed with you and your work? You're priceless!

  • You are awesome Julian!

  • I love you in general❤

  • whats the camera in "yoga pose"? is that olympus 4/3 dslr?

  • awesome video. thank you

  • Thanks for this man! Been watching a lot of tutorials like this but this one is the most informative but not to the level of "information overload" for a dummy like me!!!

  • a lot of times movement can mean anything what you want it to mean. it just depends on the context of how you use that movement within the rest of your cinematic/storytelling design

  • Good one!

  • subscribed! for so many years watching YouTube videos, this is my 1st time commenting to a video. im amazed!

  • Good work!

  • How do you get the dolly shots to be so smooth? is there some sort of equipment involved or is it just by a steady hand? I'm new to all of this and just learning and would like to know!

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