The Psychology Behind Why The IT Movie Is So Scary

The Psychology Behind Why The IT Movie Is So Scary

The reason why Pennywise and the IT movie are so creepy!

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There are so many things that go into making a scary movie successful. But the most important element is for filmmakers to play on our phobias. The most popular movies all have hidden triggers that evoke our fears, such as the fear of death and the loss of a body part. If you’re still trying to figure out why “IT” made the hair stand up on the back of your neck, you’ll definitely want to watch our video. This is The Psychology Behind Why The IT Movie Is So Scary.

Many kids have a fear of what’s lurking in the darkness, and this is why “IT” has a dark and gloomy setting. When you watch the film in an equally dark movie theater or in your living room, it can take the scariness to a different level! The fear of the unknown is something else a lot of people struggle with. While watching the film, you never really know what’s going to happen next. This gets your heart pumping and induces fear in moviegoers.

The movie also allows us to take a peek at some of the characters’ inner struggles. Beverly has issues at home with her dad, Eddie is made to believe he is suffering from constant illnesses, and Mike’s childhood trauma is relieved through his visions. Knowing more about each characters’ personal life also makes us feel more connected to them. So as they try to escape the evil clown, we feel a bigger sense of panic because we’re all rooting for them to make it out alive!

If you’d to see all the psychological reasons why “IT” is so scary, make sure you watch our video! Let us know in the comments which scene from the film scared you the most.

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October 22, 2017 / 49 Comments / by / in
  • Wasny even scary

  • Its not scary

  • Grow up

  • it wasbt even scary

  • Freaking elementary and 12 year olds can watch it without getting scared

  • when I watched it I wasnt that scared if anything I was excited. but the scariest scene for me was when stan is about to get eaten by the weird lad

  • Wannabe watch mojo SMH

  • IT wasn’t that scary

  • What is movie IT

  • I didn't find it scary at all….just laughed for the most part

  • The movie was not that scary though.

  • This movie was so overated soo badddd

  • The part that scared me the most was probably when the Jewish kid is in the synagogue studying his Torah and that woman pops up. The woman looks a lot like Mama from the movie Mama. This is also interesting because the director Andres Muschietti is the director of both IT and Mama

  • I don‘t get it how people can think this is scary 😂


  • This movie is dope af

  • 1:30 wtf

  • The jump scares and being watched in the darkness

  • This sounds like an English analysis essay…

  • I’ve never seen the movie but my friends parents watched it when they were little and it freaked them out. Now, when they watched several years later, they thought it was the cheesiest movie they ever saw.

  • If you thought IT was scary…. wow….. just wow… I laughed half of the time and almost fell asleep the other half.

  • The part where Beverly knocks her father out and we think all is safe but she turns to the left and IT was right there. Yeah that made me jump.

  • That movie wasn't that scary I went with my friend and she kept on jumping while I barely flinched, is it bad that I laughed like 3 times throughout the movie

  • I saw the it movie on September 23rd (my b-day) when I came home, I fell asleep without any nightmares. I was also laughing whenever the jump scares popped up.😂

  • The only thing scary is how well it was received by the masses.

  • 'IT Trailer not Scary' video would be nice.

  • It was creepy, not necessarily scary. I found the scene where Georgie's arm is ripped off cruel.

  • Because it's a f*****g clown! Geezersssssss that's my worst nightmare lol that alone is the scariest thing about this Damn movie! 🎥💀✋😵🔫🔪💊💊🔨🔌🔌

  • im a kid so i have not seen this movie thx for not spoiling it in the video<3

  • It wasn't that scary. It was more disturbing and creepy. But it was GREAT!

  • The original version of IT is scary. This new version of IT is straight up bullshit as a horror. Basically just like some cheesy shitty ass. comedy. So glad on the movies opening day view me, my mate, and friend where chilling at hang out house watching that crap movie for free. Feel sorry for people that wasted their money on this at least the ones who agree with me.

  • Wasn't scary at all, the conjuring 2 was the scariest movie I've watched

  • Well I didn't know I was afraid of a giant clown climbing through a projection before this movie.

  • it didnt scare me i thought it was kind of funny

  • I saw it and the scariest part in my opinion was the garage scene with the projector

  • the whole movie was seary i close my eyes

  • The wall jump scare is most scary

  • It wasn't scary…it was dumb.

  • Scary? Wtf I was laughing the whole time


  • I am 14 and i watched it , it was intense and the party that scared me the most was how i related to the children.

  • the movie is more funny than scary. i only jumped like 2 times

  • I watched it at the theaters and when the movie finished I walked out and there was a FUCKEN RED BALLOON JUST TIED THERE AND I SCREAMED SO FUCKEN LOUD

  • i wasnt relly scared but the scene when he bited his hand off was not really good feeling

  • I'm 13

    I seen IT

    The movie rating was R

    I was not able to sleep for a week

    It was the best 2017 movie tho so I regret nothing.

  • It wasn't scary at all to be honest. I was laughing through the movie😏

  • I laughed at the movie wasnt really scary at all to me

  • I watched it. It’s not that scary.

  • I am from India so I didn't watch the movie.

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